Who is the home team tonight?


If I heard him right, DVH said in his press conference that Arkansas would be the home team.

I think it is stupid the way they do this…the higher seed should be home team always, IMO. Against MSU on Saturday night how in the world was Arkansas the visitors?

I think I heard on radio at lunch that we are home team tonight. I agree with previous poster that higher seed should be home team. They earned that right.

Standard procedure in NCAA regionals to flip a coin, or give home field to the team that hasn’t been home yet. Since SMS and us were both home team on Friday, they won the toss. If Okie State had won Friday, they would have been home on Saturday since they were visitors on Friday. We won the toss yesterday. And apparently today.

The real advantage is having home field and home fans. Which dugout you’re in is pretty minor. It’s a slight advantage to bat last but not a huge one.

Interestingly, the Hogs have been able to use their regular dugout, no matter whether they have been the home team or the visiting team. I believe they used to make them switch if they weren’t the home team but no longer do.

I believe this is a new rule this year: teams playing regionals and supers in their home park get to be in their usual dugout, regardless of whether they are batting first or second. Two years ago in the super regional, Mo. State had the “home” dugout (third base side) at Baum on Friday and Sunday because they were the higher seed. Interesting that they lost both those games.

Yes, that’s a new rule that was passed last fall. It makes sense to let the home team use its home clubhouse and dugout.

Completely agree

I didn’t say anything about a dugout. I want the last at bat.

Which I addressed in the next sentence.