Who is the home team in Horns-Hogs?

I am already worried about playing this game after the finals week, but will feel a bit better if we are wearing the whites.

ESPN lists games as vs or @ (@ means away). They have this game listed as vs, however they list it the same way for Texas, so never mind

That is what I noticed. Hence the question.

Given that is called the Lone Star Shootout, I would suspect Texas and Texas A&M are the home teams for the two games.

As a caveat to the statement above, ESPN usually lists the home team second. When you click on the game preview Texas is second. So, you’re probably correct we are visiting.

Schedule at EOE website is no help, just lists neutral site game, as it did their two games in Brooklyn (same tournament we were in last year?)

That does not sound like a neutral game. I think it should be a coin toss to decide the home team.

Not sure what difference it makes. Either way, the game is in Houston, and the opponent is Texas.

We won’t have any more fans in the stands, or get any more calls our way if we were to wear the white home unis instead of the red road. Neither will we get to call the coin toss!


PJ, watching the Zona vs aTm game, they showed the Hogs and Horns. Hogs are in red, and Texass is in white.

I was afraid of that. Now it is a road game mentally.