Who is the Hogs Alpha on this year's team?


We’re two months into our schedule and who is the Alpha Male on this year’s team like Mason Jones last season? Who can dominate a game? Closeout a close game? Not just wants the ball but can also score when needed? Who can motivate his teammates to a higher level? Who the other team fears?

I initially thought at the start of the season MM would fill that role. But from a great distance, he appears to be too nice and respectful of his older teammates, often deferring to them to step up. But I can easily be wrong.

JD loves to shoot but doesn’t appear to be able to make his teammates better or score at a consistently high level.

Hopefully y’all have the answer…I don’t.


Coach Musselman seems to be the only true alpha on/associated with this team.

Well, you have circled back to my main issue all season.

The most logical alpha - Moody - is either not seen as that by teammates or chooses to not play that role. If the former, why? If the latter, he needs to classify “declare for the draft” to be silliness and come back and learn to be the alpha.

If others want to be the alpha then they need to up their game. One of the keys about being the alpha is the alpha player involves other players. Plays defense and is a passing/rebounding animal, especially when their shot isn’t falling. Self-awareness.

I’ll let you know in about 3 hours.

Pretty sure it’s Emeka Obukwelu.

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Great question, but have no clue. WPS

The back up QB.

Still no clue, but Go Hogs! My take on the alpha…if Mason had come back, we might be a Final Four team. I’m not sure we have an alpha on this year’s team, but this win was sweet tonite. Kentucky is much better than their record.

I wonder if Moody would have stayed in LR where he was the best player on the team for 3 years, if he would be more alpha.

No complaints, he still a phenominal player.

Davis didn’t play much down the stretch but he is a gamer. Tate came through tonight. Moody is still key. Smith played good defense but not offense tonight. He’s the alpha

If Smith would stop thinking and go into his move faster, he could average 15 easily. I honestly think him doing that would make us deadly, but he is not the alpha. We still don’t have an alpha. If we did, we would be ranked in the top 15. We certainly have the talent.

I’ve seen the same speculation previously. Maybe so, but I doubt it would have made a huge difference.

Players that are alphas are inherently that way, typically. Regardless of the team they are on. I suspect if Moody had the natural makeup of an alpha, he would have always shown it.

I love Moody’s game. I think he’ll probably only be a Hog for one year. But I’ll be surprised to ever see he becomes THE alpha on any of his teams.

Seems the alpha role is shared for now. Notea tries to hard to be when he is in the game. Needs to realize the alpha works to get his team mates involved and not just dribble and shoot.

Lol Moody will be just fine

Smooth as silk.

I think Tate calls the shots,he’s the one I see doing all the talking.

Devo is not there yet but he is the one in the making for the future! He is fearless and creates action … not the guy you want taking the last shot and still very young but he is really going to be a good future player. Willaims is also developing and they really need his size going forward.

Moody is the guy I want taking the last shot right now.

Devo did just fine taking the last shot and letting his teammates crash the boards.

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