Who is the garbage official?

Called the walk on Barfield, no foul on Hannahs, awful 3 point play. He is pathetic.

The charge on Barford before the double tech was bogus

Refs always protect ky but they must have been worried that we might beat them so they have called so many fouls that we are afraid to play defense

Bam got two and-ones when, if he was fouled, he was fouled on the floor.

Yep. One that was very questionable was against Barford. Gave him his 4th foul and from there it was all down hill, he was the one guy that was giving us a spark at the time.

He literally wasn’t touched by a Hog on that one. On the other it was way before the shot.

My favorite was when Barford was fouled, no call, scores, and then 2 seconds later they call a walk. Clown.

That needs to be investigated!!

You cannot investigate Kentucky. They are protected.

The Razorbacks will most likely submit some of the obvious situation to the commission’s office for review. Cannot change the outcome but at least one referee appeared to be in over his head. The missed baseline call where the KY player clearly stepped on the line while touching the ball was terrible. Briscoe was sliding under Barford in the most consequential sequence of the night.

Oh well, on to MSU.