Who is the Demozette's most hated rival now that the newspaper war no longer exists?

I think it may be time to take our little controversy elsewhere over them suddenly (after half a century of ignoring “official names” of colleges they cover) having to zealously enforce what they claim is the official name of The UofA by tacking on Fayetteville and that institution and UALR are the only ones they apply it to. Turns out that the "official or legal name of The UofA does not have Fayetteville in it, but the college in Jonesboro DOES have the city in its offical name, and the University of Texas-Austin and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, etc.

The Arkansas Times hates them but they hate The Razorbacks even more so they won’t do. Arkansas Business doesn’t do sports much so they may not be interested. I am thinking online may be the best place to look. Maybe Paul Finebaum would find it funny to talk about the little pissing contest going on between the Demozette and The UofA. Anyone got any suggestions? This crap has gone on long enough and it is time to shed the righteous light of day on this ridiculous “policy” of the Demozette’s against The UofA and let the rest of the sports world enjoy the humor of it all. JMVVVVVHO

I think the flow is one-directional. U of A doesn’t care about what they call it (although we do). I continue to think this UA,F stuff was instigated by people in Little Rock who will never get over the fact that the flagship school isn’t there (never mind that LR didn’t even make a serious bid 147 years ago).

I get the sense that the athletic and academic folks in Fayetteville don’t care one bit about the UAF deal.

But that the ones at UALR do.

I don’t think there are any rivals.

The people that I work with that work with the ADG only care about doing good work.

Don’t know who it’d be, but I love your suggestion we find somebody.

This has to come from UALR demanding to be called Little Rock, not UALR, and pushing for the same to be done @ the Demozette when mentioning The UofA. You got a paper owned and operated by Little Rock people with most of them having ASU, UALR, and Missouri degrees. Very few of them have any love for The Razorbacks. It is just a job and they could not care less what the people in Fayetteville want. This decision to suddenly thumb its nose at The UofA was made very high up in the paper and it is supported at the top. It is obvious that the reporters who live and work in Fayetteville and face this administration and coaching staff every day (plus its fans) is embarrassed by this but their hands are tied and they have to follow the rules coming from their bosses in Little Rock.

i find it funny that whenever there’s a convention of the printed media…the Democrat-Gazette-Little Rock is always patting itself on the back for winning numerous awards for stories they covered.its not hard to do when your are the state-wide newspaper and really have no competition…kinda like the only doctor in a small town telling you to get a second opinion.they like to think they are the New York Times or the Washington Post…but they’re not…

Just to clarify, I don’t agree with the policy, but I am in no way embarrassed by it.

Not one player or coach - on two different football staffs, baseball and basketball ones - has every brought it up.

I get why fans care, but don’t see the athletes or coaches bothered by it.

Friggin’ who cares…ignore it just like I ignore that red doll named Elmo.