Who is the best coach in college

Wright’s been doing the polo shirt thing in the tournament.

Not to hot on the team, but Wright does dress well.

My Ar Tag is cool too…

Awesome 0001 tag. I keep hoping Florida will have a Razorback tag option but I don’t think it’ll ever happen.

Well outside of that, he is very well dressed.

Wright, Few and Muss. If Muss continues to put back to back seasons together and keep the recruiting at or above current level the sky will be the limit to his ranking as a college coach. When you reach the top always remember “Uneasy rests the head that wears the crown”. WPS

Think of this once you reach the top.

It’s like a telephone pole once you reach the top, look around. No place to go but down…

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339 your statement about no place to go after you reach the top of the telephone pole is probably accurate, but never doubt the planning ability and preparation skills of Coach Muss. I feel he just might figure a new path other than down!

I like your take on this. Some coaches have managed to keep their program at a top ten level, and I believe Muss can do that.

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I think Coach Beard is probably better than Few. He has demonstrated great success in a much more competitive conference. Muss, Wright, Beard, then probably three or four great candidates to fill out a top five.

Can’t argue with your list, lots of variables goes into this list and just personal choices. You ask 20 different fans and get several of the same coaches just in different positions. I think Muss should be in the top five of most lists if we are talking the last few seasons. WPS

I just hope Arkansas is prepared to pay him a top 5 (or higher) salary to keep him. If we lose him to another college team who’s prepared to do just that, I will be soooo PO’d at the U of A!

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I have a fair question.

What do the lower half or quarter NBA coaches make? And if so are they given any security?

No doubt that we need to be fair salary wise and I suspect we will. I trust HY to know how fair is fair and how that fits into his operation and how it impacts the total program. A factor that I consider in terms of Muss and professional basketball is the fact that a college coach has a bigger influence on building the roster. Using the draft analogy, would Smith, Walsh, or Black still be on the board if colleges used a similar system? Georgia and the like would have first shot at these kids, long before an elite eight participant would exercise a pick. In an oversimplified assessment, the teams in the NBA getting early shots at the top talent are probably hiring new coaches as well, because the previous one earned the opportunity to pick early by losing.

Guess the counter to the above, is whether Muss thinks he has something to prove to the NBA. He seems to have the personality as well as the enthusiasm that fits college ball. I am really impressed with Van Horn, Sam and Eric being supportive of each other and taking opportunities to enjoy the campus experience.

Top 10 make 5.5M to 11M
middle 10 make 3.4M to 5M
bottom 10 make 2M to 3.4M

Security is their contracts, which vary greatly. 4 teams were unknown what their coaches make.

NBA Head Coach Salary - How Much Do They Make Each Year.

NBA teams are tight-lipped about how much they pay their coaches, but it’s believed that the average NBA coach makes about the same as Muss makes now, $4 million. Gregg Popovich of the Spurs, who has been there forever, holds the NBA record for most wins and, oh yeah, has five rings, is thought to be the highest paid at $11 million.

That list is out of date (has Luke Walton as the coach of the Lakers; he was fired there in 2019).

Well Swine it does give me a quick (snapshot or picture) to give me some perspective about what we are faced against. I did some research years ago and it seems like the NBA jobs were a no-brainer. Just take the NBA job. Maybe it was at one time but it looks like a very competitive balance.

It is a snapshot, but a college snapshot of the same time frame would also be out of date (it would have Muss making $2.5 million). The NBA pay scale may have changed significantly since then.

Geez, Swine, the top 3 are certainly current. Obviously the writer got the name of the LA coach wrong. It gives a good look at averages top to bottom, which was what he asked for in the first place. Nobody knows for certain exactly what any of them make. It’s all estimates.

I think HY will meet the challenge of salary for Muus with incentives, we are once again relevant and playing before a packed house at Bud Walton. I will say however that at this point that I’m not as confident about the longevity of CEM as I am about CSP but definitely wish I could be. WPS