Who is that doing the color on the radio broadcast with Chuck?

Who is that doing the color on the radio broadcast with Chuck? Chuck keeps calling him “coach “… But I have no idea who it is. With all the games virtually on TV these days, it has been a while since I’ve listened to the radio broadcast.

Matt Zimmerman, former MA assistant. This is his second year on the radio, having switched places with Scotty Thurman.


I think he gets carry away a little bit.

MZ = passion bucket for Hawg ball

Response: Perhaps, I remember Matt saying he didn’t like this new position he would rather work with the players. A year has passed, a new season has already started first time hearing Matt since last season. he sounds more comfortable growing a little into the job, someone animated I bet no one will ever fall asleep while he’s talking I like it…

I worry that a referee will hear him rips them and send him to the showers. It can happen. He’s going to say what he sees, which makes it fun to listen. He’s the best color analyst they’ve ever had for UA hoops. Clearly, he knows what he is talking about and he blurts out whatever he hears. Chuck and Matt have grown into a really good team.

Matt is still on a Mike’s staff and gets to interact with the players. He just cannot be an official coach.

I enjoy listening to the radio and mute the TV audio a lot. At least that way I don’t have to listen to announcers bash my hogs!

Zimm was a great high school coach. The recruiting has apparently kept him from being a great college coach. Super guy.

Response: that’s correct he also assumed the other role Scotty had Players Personnel hence he still interacts with the players just not down on the court

What are Zimmerman’s duties when he he isn’t broadcasting?

Who is the white guy that sits on the bench to the far right next to the scorer’s table? What is his role?

Director of Basketball Operations is Matt’s title when he’s not sitting next to Chuck. Duties involve on-campus recruiting, travel, recruiting visits, summer camps and the program’s budget.

I haven’t noticed the “white guy” you mention, but there are some possibilities on the basketball staff. Jeff Daniels is the Director of Student-Athlete Development, which I think was Scotty Thurman’s actual job before he became an assistant. Adam Petway (below) is the basketball S&C coach. Will Bartlett is the team video coordinator and I think does sit on or near the bench. Also have a graduate assistant, Riley Hall, who fits the Caucasian description.

I looked it up. Jeff Daniels is who I was referring to.

It’s amazing how many it takes to run a basketball program.

I don’t know how many people Nolan had on the staff in the NC season, but I do know Wayne Stehlik, now the AD of the Springdale school district, was the director of basketball operations that year. If you watch the video of the postgame celebration after the Duke game, Wayne is hugging Nolan right after the clock hit zero.

Oh yeah, one more white guy on the bench: Dave England, the trainer. Dave has been at UA since before I was there, with a brief interruption while he worked in the Cardinals’ organization.

I believe the Nc staff in 94 was Nolan, MA, Notes, Dunn and Stehlik.

Dunn–I believe–was credited for having major success in landing the '96 class, which was ranked #1 and kept us rolling.

It was gutted for largely BS reasons and the demise of the program began.

Zimmerman was plenty good at their other stops. He was. CSulty of the “fire them all” mentality is many whenever there is a bad season.

Brad Dunn was a great recruiter. He is as charismatic of a person as you will ever meet, which goes over well on the recruiting visits.

Zimmerman’s two biggest areas of influence when he was an assistant was to scout the opponent and to help coordinate the offense; at least that is based on what I was told were his responsibilities from a game-to-game perspective. The 2015-16 team was one of Mike Anderson’s best offensively and, despite being less talented than a lot of its opponents, was one of the most competitive Mike has had here. That team lost eight games by four points or less and pulled some upsets, notably over Texas A&M, which was No. 5 at the time.

All of that is to say that I don’t think Matt Zimmerman was the problem with that team.

Coach Z is a good friend and a great dude.

He eats, sleeps and drinks basketball.