Who is Texas' equivalent team from last years all-sec schedule?

What team in the SEC last year was similarly talented as this year’s Texas team? Since Sarkasian is the coach, I assume they want to be like Alabama in the way they play but they are way short of Bama talent. They are not as pass-happy as the Mississippi schools. Are they most like Auburn, LSU, Mizzou, or Tennessee? Are they like Tennessee but with better coaching? Are they about the same in talent as Mizzou but with a much less experienced quarterback? Are they as talented as Ole Miss but with less talent/experience at QB.

We are better (I am hoping a better defense, better special teams, & eventually a better suited Briles offense talent) but is Texas as good or better than the teams we either beat or barely lost to at their places last year?

I woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep, and apologize if this question has already been covered in another post.

Based on recruiting rankings , talent wise they are similar to LSU or Auburn. Where they have failed is coaching since Mack Brown left. Sarkasian was more of the west coast passing attack before he went to NFL and Saban had big influence on his game management when they got the ball and ran to end game as one example. They did that against Louisianna last week. The key is do they have a QB like Bama–the old saying if you have two QB;s (they plan to play both again this week) then you do not have one is probably still true here. Sark was asked about the difference in Texas /Big Twelve at his press conference and he said the SEC at all schools is full of big men , especially in trenches and everyone has speed and size at skill positions. He also said the crowds and atmospheres make it hard to communicate in games and make adjustments as all the coaches in the SEC are good at what they do. My take is he understands what is needed to compete when they join but they are a work in progress like the Hogs are. Hogs need to tap into the crowd and make it a real road game in SEC which is always hard environment to win in.

This will be the big test for the defensive line. Is Ridgeway as advertised? Will the depth hold up? We certainly can’t afford more injuries. If we win this one, the season looks promising for a bowl, if not, it will be a struggle. I’ll qualify that. A close, hard-fought loss with no major injuries shouldn’t hurt future game prospects. On pins and needles here. The earlier weather forecast wasn’t quite as warm as the current one. Don’t think we’ll have the depth advantage as last week so can’t depend on attrition. The crowd could be an advantage if we don’t fall behind and they fall silent.

I would say LSU/Auburn talent.

So that means we can hang. Love it. I’m going to the game to tomorrow. Really excited. First one in a while, and Texas at that.

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Same two teams I settled on after reading the OP.

Lot of 4 stars. Young QB playing on road.

Texas has 43 4 stars and 5 5 stars on the roster. We have 21 4 stars and no 5 stars according to one service I saw.

I think TX has always had similar talent. I think those tea-sippers just soften up those 4 and 5 star players so they play like 3 stars. The Razorbacks take our 3 and 4 star players and toughen them up to play like 4 and 5 star players. Especially now under CSP. Even CBB handled TX, and their talent.

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I read somewhere today that OU had 52 4- and 5-star recruits on the roster this year, Texass has 51 and the rest of the Orphan Eight has 50 put together. I think this was 247 ratings.

Nothing new. We have to continue to raise the bar and numbers of elite players. We can because we have and now we have coaches that can teach and motivate them to perform up to their ability.

I’d say similar to auburn. witch IS BEATABLE! GHG!

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