Who is right? Wally or Musselman's wife

Wally says in his morning column that Musselman interviewed on campus on Tuesday. We know what Mussleman’s wife said.

What’d she say?

Depends on when she said it. Musselman could have interviewed and either not impressed and told his wife who then told the paper he was staying, or decided this job wasn’t for him and then she told the press.

All I know is Mike Anderson told everyone at Mizzou he was staying but he came anyway. You just never know.

That he was staying in Reno…

https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/colleg … 343072002/

My hope is that we have been in negotiations with Musselman and not about to hire Gregg Marshall or Jamie Dixon.
If the BOT is waiting to hear a “No” from coaches Few and Beard IMO they are simply wasting everyone’s time and flirting with disaster because neither of them are taking this job.
They should get it done with Musselman and let him get to work ASAP.
For those who think we have to hire a big name at Arkansas to get the job done let me remind you that neither Sutton or Richardson were household names when they were hired, but as we all know those hires were correct for our Hogs.

Go Hogs!

The fact that the wife is issuing the denial and not the coach is a good indication that it is Wally who is right. Look Musselman or any coach for that matter who is applying for a job and who currently has a job worth keeping does not want to destroy the relationship with the community and his players. They all try really hard to apply without ruining their current gig but you did not hear Musselman make a strong public statement that would have left no doubt that he was staying. He is a good candidate for the job and it is going to be difficult to find a better applicant.

Jamie Dixon is going to UCLA.

He just threw himself into a den of lions.

So you are saying Mussleman was on campus yesterday. That is what Wally is saying.

They could both be right, without lying. He could’ve been here yesterday morning and back on campus to tweet. We know how this works. He’s probably a yes and knows he’s second in line.

Hoping this is how it goes anyway

Never , ever believe anything Wally says without third party verification. just my opinion.

A trophy wife like her can say anything she desires. Even if told to be mum. Right now Reno & Las Vegas probably looks much more glamorous to her than Fayetteville does.

That makes me wonder. We hear about recruits who think of Northwest Arkansas as a place full of backwoods rednecks until they actually come here. I wonder if it’s possible that stereotype could be used on potential coaches who have never been here, to try to keep them from coming.

If the money is right I don’t think Coaches look at it that way. However how their wives and family feel could be a deciding factor. Hence Self and Altman.

I once had the opportunity to meet Danyelle; my impression/perception if her…

She came across as a bright woman. I’m guessing she knows “the game” when it comes to coaches, their current jobs, and their future jobs. I’m guessing she is also keenly aware how the game affects her family, and is highly motivated to play her role to ensure a positive outcome.

I’d guess she didn’t release her statement on a whim. I have no doubt her statement was provided by a third party (UofA, UNR, Eric’s agent, other?), with carefully-chosen wording to meet its intent, without actually lying.

Just because she said Eric wasn’t in Fayetteville doesnt mean he wasn’t currently on a plane on his way back from Fayetteville.

I have no insight on who provided her the statement, nor what its purpose may have been.

Obfuscation, the favorite road for most media members
and led by the leader of the pack-politicians.

Problems is there is a tweet w Musselman and I think one of the twins playing one on one in a Reno gym. Pretty sure it was posted on this site. Wally is not paying attention.

*lil search finds it
I dunno, is that EM or doppleganger :sunglasses: