Who is our "3rd guard" on o-line

if Cunningham is going to strictly play tackle…spelling Wagner and Colton? Anyone know? Has it been discussed? Ricky and Austin obviously can’t play every snap. Will they roll Myron back inside to spell those guys too? Didn’t sound like that was the plan. Who would it be? Clenin? Limmer?

Why can’t they play every snap. Jason Peters played every down for years until he started getting injured. I realize 300+ pounders cannot do what 240 pounders used to but many players play virtually every snap.

If Jason Peters arrives on campus, they will let him play every snap.

I love it when Collton Jackson and Dalton Wagner are compared to Shawn Andrews or Jason Peters. Not the same.

Myron Cunningham will still be first in if someone at guard goes down. If he is playing in place of an injured tackle, then Kirby Adcock would be the next guard. After Adcock, it would be Beaux Limmer.

Actually, I remember Jason being here and they could not decide where to play him.
I personally was surprised when he turned to be an all star Offensive tackle.

I realize we are thin right now.

Shane Clennin stock looks like about 90% of my investment portfolio right now. Dropping every day. What happened to this guy?

He’s backup at center. Others moved past him at guard, obviously. He got his chances. Sometimes it takes longer for some in O line.

Jason Peters is in his 16th year in the NFL. Quite an accomplishment.

I’m certainly not an expert regarding the OL, but why is Cunningham being used as a “utility replacement” player? It appears to my untrained eye, he may be our most talented O-lineman. Shouldn’t he be starting and playing 90% of the snaps instead of sitting on the bench and waiting for someone to get tired or hurt?

He may be a starter soon. I will say that when he’s comfortable with everything, he’ll start. I concur that he’s a tackle, and not a guard. There must be a few things he’s still trying to master.

When I watch Cunningham at tackle, he looks comfortable with long arms and quick feet to slide and protect the quarterback – or move outside and down the field. But at guard, he’s not as comfortable. Makes perfect sense to train him at tackle and not at guard. He still COULD slide back to guard with some injuries and that can happen. But he’ll play in reserve of Jackson or Wagner more if there are no injuries at guard. Is he a better guard than Capps or Stromberg right now? I think it’s clear to the coaches that he’s not.