Who is on the men's practice team that scrimmaged Lady Razorbacks

any scholarship players or just walk on types? Interesting choice for Nabors to make. and Musselman to agree and lend out his guys to “toughen” up the Ladies.

I don’t think Muss loans his players to practice with the women. I think most of the girls college and probably pro teams pay guys (probably similar heights to the ladies with good high school or inramural skills) to practice against the women. They get a more physical practice that toughens them up more than it would if they are playing other girls. Some don’t like to talk about this because they think it is sexist or something. The Lakers could probably blow the Razorback men off the court but that doesn’t negate the pleasure of rooting for them when they play other college teams.

I wrote something several years ago on the male practice players for women’s basketball. It is a fairly common practice for most women’s programs. The males are students who were good basketball players in high school. I think there are tryouts to be one of the practice players and there are only a handful of spots available.

Hogmodo is correct that their value is in their height and strength. The practice players I spoke to for the story said the girls are much better basketball players than them. It’s a unique deal, for sure.

I have the concept, when I was in junior high we scrimmage our senior girls (they played half court 3 v 3) because Coach Barrett wanted to toughen them up. They were big on both ends of the court and had no in school competition. I did not know there was a university practice team. I also played in practice against freshmen when they had they lost their shoat status, Coach Foster and Coach Keady played and directed and most importantly reffed the escapade. I had no clue and see no reason to keep a practice squad except for what Matt wrote about.

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