Who is Julie Cromer Peoples?

Here is some background on the Razorbacks’ interim AD: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … ollege-sp/

Is she our next AD?

Would they pull the trigger?


I introduced myself to her at the Catfish Hole tonight. She seems very nice. Kevin Trainer told her that they couldn’t start baseball games without me. I guess he knows me better than I thought. :sunglasses:

Matt, I don’t know if it’s my computer, but why is her picture only the upper part of her face? It’s like a bad facebook pic.

Are you saying it cuts it off when you click on this story link? Because it looks fine when I do.

You might be referencing the rail at the top of the forums. In that case, there isn’t anything I can do because the picture is vertical and that space is for a horizontal picture. I never use vertical pictures unless I have to do it, but that’s all we have of her.

I do not think any of the existing administrators are candidates to fill the job, although I think there are a few - Julie Cromer Peoples, Jon Fagg and Chris Freet - who are ready to be Power 5 ADs.

Matt, it’ the of the rail above the article. Just a bad pic and not good for her. Can’t that be fixed?

It could be fixed if I had a quality horizontal photo. I don’t like the look of it, but there is nothing I can do.

It’s unfortunate for he, especially if she is a legitimate contender for the job. If she’s qualified, and shows some ability to grow the program and the product of the U of A, give her a chance. It would be ground-breaking.

Matt Trantham is also ready for a power five job. There have been other schools asking about him for several years. He is from Hot Springs and is/was an avid Razorback Fan. The only reason he hasn’t moved on is his children. He and his wife love Fayetteville. Hopefully the next AD will keep him on.

Personally I think the reason you name an interim AD is to fire the existing coach so the new AD won’t have too. JMO.

Here is a video of her press conference tonight:


We are in good hands during this transition.

It’s not gonna happen but I won’t object if she gets the interim tag removed. She gets it AND knows what she’s doing. Unlike, say, Houston Nutt.

She also spent a good deal of her childhood in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. She already knew how to call the hogs when she came to the school. She also spent time working with Jesse Branch at SMS.

posted this in another thread…I think the AD already been selected. She is well liked throughout the administration. She will be appointed and fire Belemia. Malzahn will be offered but has to accept or decline within 24 hours. If he says no or doesn’t answer, Norvell will be offered. Just my 2 cents.I