Who is Hognoxious?

With all of the attention Bobby Smittle has received this week, I decided to update a feature I wrote on him for the magazine a few years ago. This gives a look into how he became “Hognoxious.”

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … rs-making/

And where Oh were is the chicken dancing J. Wright?

Hey now, don’t forget me! Wright (who is always right, even when he’s wrong) is usually next to me when we

I like that he is engaged, far better than sitting on your hands and making no contribution.
I have left many a game barely able to speak.

Characters like Hognoxious are a part of game. Some of us remember the lady who had a box seat behind 1st base at Ray Winder back in the day. She heckled umps and players/coaches from the opposing teams. And she was loud. Not to mention funny. A good friend grew up in Fair Park and was buddies with her son. He said she also attended the Pro Westling matches in LR and sat ringside and harassed the wrestlers. She certainly made an impression on me as a child.

I’m pretty sure Clay knows of her since he grew up in that area.

I love watching Bobby and his antics. All good clean fun. Keep after them Bobby.

I sit behind home plate slightly toward first base, but I clearly hear and watch Bobby ‘perform.’ He is a great Razorback fan.

I only wish he was still attending Women’s Razorback Basketball games. He was a riot there years ago. GHG!