Who is headed to Dallas this weekend?

My family is headed to Dallas to Southwest Classic for the first time. For those of you that have gone to this game, can you give me some tips on some of the best pre game places to go to?

I see where the Fishbone Grill and Tailgate Tavern are close to the stadium and look to be possible options.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Headed there with my Grandsons. Can’t answer your other stuff.

I’m not going, but there is a Pappadeaux’s close to the stadium. Yum, they have the best Crawfish Etouffee that I have ever eaten.

My wife and I will head down Friday. It’s the lone trip she makes with me each year. We are staying in downtown McKinney (so she can shop all the antique stores) at the Grand Hotel. It’s Octoberfest there. I am not sure they know it’s still September. Maybe I don’t understand why they call it October. So that event complicates things for getting in and out of hotel. But the fact that there are about 20 antique stores (or flea market type places) around the square cancel out the craziness of Octoberfest folks in Bavarian outfits. She wanted to make sure we took the truck. Lots of room for the stuff she might buy.

Here already rest of family joins tomorrow as we celebrate dads 86th! What a blessing and he gets his first visit to the stadium where his Boyz play

Lots of places around the stadium as Rangers play next door there are plenty of places to select

I wonder if Ned Beatty Squealed will make it over to this board and post his road trip game videos?

Already here

Going to see SMU and TCU tonight

It is parent weekend at SMU. Pony up

Just FYI. Traffic is terrible before and after Hope and right before Texarkana Crazy construction

Take your time. Yesterday pm there were 2 incidents where I 30 northbound was completely shut down with accidents. One just before Malvern and the other close to Texarkana

My daughter and I flew in from Atlanta this evening. Saw several razorback clad folks on the plane. Guy at hotel said he has seen About 50% of the guests as Razorback fans. My first game here. Should be a very entertaining game.

Think we see Wise step up tomorrow as I am sure he is tired of hearing how great the DE’s are for TAM


We drove down tonight; saw dozens of cars with Arkansas flags, decals, etc. I think this game may break the attendance record for this series, which would probably mean between 35,000 and 40,000 fans from each side.

Awesome meal at Pappadeaux’s last night. Thanks for the suggestion Marty!!

Called the Hogs multiple times.

I’ve seen a lot of Hog Fans here so far.