Who is gonna pitch?

DVH narrowed it down to a right hander or a left hander. Thoughts on where we may go?


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Thank it will be McIntyre or he can come back out with Hagan Smith, he didn’t throw that many pitches, let it go as far as he can then they let the rest finish it out

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I don’t know who will pitch first. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wiggins, McEntire or Morris.


I am thinking Morris.

What about Tygart?

I think the coaches like Tygart too much at the back end to start him, but I may be wrong. I think he will be a starter next year.


I’m expecting McEntire but could be Wiggy or Hagen too.

How were the North Carolina fans today Jeff?

NC throwing Schaffer?

I’m pretty sure, tough LH we will have our hands full.

Matt’s article about how to watch etc lists Schafer

The hope they decide to start Morris and then go to MCEntire. Ramage has been good lately.
The would like to see Tygart get a little work.
I’m scared of Wiggins! He could dominate or be all over the place.

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Yeah I don’t think Wiggins will get the start because we don’t want to run the risk giving them the momentum that they might need because it’s going to be a tough game tomorrow Schaefer is never given up more than 4 runs in a game this year.

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Schaeffer is throwing tomorrow. He started two games and threw a lot of pitches during the regional. It will be interesting to see how lively his arm is.

The fans were fine, Billy. We parked about a 15 minute walk from the stadium and numerous fans congratulated us with “great game” and “boy that pitcher is tough!”

I had dinner with Matt and Bob Holt after the game and Matt said he felt like UNC’s team was just glad to be here. I kinda got that feeling from the fans, too.

Now if it had been basketball… that’s another story.


You can bet UNC will pull out all the stops tomorrow. It’s do or die for them. They won’t try to save anyone for Monday unless they have a big lead.


Well that’s good to hear, they appeared to be good natured in the stands all except for one guy who stood up gave Connor a two-gun salute as he was walking to The dugout when we took him out. Do you have tickets for tomorrow’s game?

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Yep. Same seats as today. Monday too; hope I don’t need them.


No they’re not going to roll over and hand it to us because last week they lost to VCU which was VCU 17th win in a row and then proceeded to pound them 19- 8 and 7-3 in the next two games to advance to the supers.
This team can really hit the ball.Connor made them look like they really couldn’t today because he kept everything breaking down below the knees. I expect very tough game tomorrow.

Awesome… well if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!! Let’s hope we close it out tomorrow!ll