Who is coming to Tuscaloosa for the game?

It’s raining here–supposedly all day–and our Live at the Plaza music event has been cancelled. If you are Fleetwood Mac’s fans, there is a Black Jacket Symphony at 8 pm at the Bama Theater downtown where they re-create the “Rumours” album. Very inexpensive, and fun. Normally BJS draws a crowd at the Bama–standing, singing, whooping, hollering. Join the fun. They won’t know you are the Enemy.

Often overlooked for dining in Tuscalooser area (actually in Northport) is Archibald’s Ribs. Hard to find, I guess, but google it. They now have a covered area outside with maybe 10-12 picnic benches. Cozy, and methinks the best ribs in town. I will try to talk our out of country visitors to go there too. They LOVE Dreamland BBQ, so they will enjoy Archibalds award winning ribs also. If you think you might go, let me know here and maybe that’ll help convince my group to go to say Hi! to you. Clay, bring Butch, he knows about Archibalds. Dudley and Richard, if you arrive today, maybe that’s a good place for you too?

Lastly, on Saturday the two best coffee houses in town are the two Heritage House Coffee locations—one on the river in Tuscaloosa and one north of the river. They have muffins, scones, cakes, cookies, regular breakfast (sorta, never saw fried eggs but yes on scrambled), soups, and sandwiches. Look for my beautiful Hog mug at the north location.

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