Who have we played that resembles UCONN?

Who does UCONN most resemble of teams we have played this year? In terms of inside power/rebounding plus high shooting percentage from 3, I am guessing Bama first with Kentucky second.

I also wonder what teams they have played with our length and defensive intensity?

Bama. Who they beat.


Looks like Bama trailed for most of the game and UConn finished strong in the second half to pull away. Sanogo outscored Miller by quite a bit. Click on the video highlights. Sanogo is a real threat shooting the 3.

Then by my extension, when we beat U-Con the Hogs are better than Bama for one game. After the Hogs beat Bama in the Final Four, we will be even for the season.


I don’t know what anyone else might think, but as little as I know about UCONN and GONZAGA, I have to think they sorta resemble each other with regards to size and shooting. We beat Gonzaga last year, so maybe we can beat UConn if they stick to the plan Muss comes up with and we don’t beat ourselves.
Just my opinion.

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My guess as to that plan is to double Sanogo, chase their deep shooters off the line and dare them to beat us from the midrange.

I watched that game vs SMC, 1st time I had seen UCONN, and only a few bits and pieces of SMC. I thought SMC got into the lane rather ez with there guard play, if we can succeed there and hits some shots I feel pretty good on the O side, expect IV, AB, and Nick to exploit that

I thought they looked a lot like Tennessee from a size standpoint. One thing I notice though, they turn the ball over a lot. They also put their opponents on the line a LOT. . . .

They are a great offensive rebounding team and their three point shooting is solid as well.

It is hard to look at these stats and make a comparison because they didn’t play against the same level of defensive competition we did, that is why we play the games right. . . .

If I have some time later I’ll do a better stat breakdown.


ESPN had an article up with predictions for each game. While they all called it a close game, none of them predicted a win for Arkansas. They praised Devo as the best perimeter defender of the remaining teams, and they made note of our 3 NBA prospects. One questioned our ability to defend UConn’s multiple shooters, as well as our offensive rebound defense. Of course they brought up our inconsistency, shot selection and TO issues. It was stated that UConn was the more complete team.

From the little I know about UConn, their big guy inside looks to be similar to Tshiebwe. If we can counter him by good defense, getting him in foul trouble, or just frustrate him, we take away a big part of their game. The other little thing I see from stories is that UConn is playing very well in the second half. That does give me pause since our season has been the tale of two halves too, but the second half has not been our strength. I like the A&M strategy–drive the lane, get to the rim, get the shot or the foul or both. Then, gotta make those foul shots!!

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