Who has the hottest coaching tree currently?

The Coach that no “major” program seems to want to hire right now.

Interesting article: https://www.si.com/college-football/201 … ching-tree

University presidents stick together. Mike didn’t leave on good terms at Texas Tech. It was not a pretty exit. And, that hurts him going forward. Those presidents don’t take kindly to someone talking badly about them.

One thing you cannot do is talk about suing the school. JD Barnett did that on the way out at Northwestern Louisiana. He has not coached in college since. Not saying JD deserves another shot, but he hasn’t gotten one. He had to go to Europe to coach.

Just the mere mention of JD Barnett gives me shivers. Of course, when a coach like JD follows a coach like Nolan, the comparison doesn’t go well. After every TU game, no matter the result, JD whined about something. Ugh.