Who has the better Jaylin Williams?

And will that be the deciding factor tonight?

I will answer my own question. We had the better Jaylin Williams and that was the difference in the game!

JW played well for us, still want him to more aggressive offensively

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He just needs minutes. He has a nice touch and is quick enough to get some points now. I expect that he will be a very good big man by next season and will be a vital member of this team by tournament time. He has a high upside.

I’m glad he finally pulled the trigger on a 3 tonight. He’s been hesitant lately - possibly because he doesn’t want to get yanked - but he is more than capable from deep. The 3 he hit tonight was huge. Auburn seemed unsure how to defend Arkansas after that.

He seems to be a better 3 ball shooter than vanover so why not.

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