Who gives up 4 runs in T9 on 1 hit?

We all know the answer, of course. We do. Now we’re tied. Let’s get this crap over with. Scratch out a run & let’s go home on this cold night.

were about to lose this because they by far have the better pitcher in the game and the better defense to this point

Bad job by Cards and Hogs of holding leads tonight. Very frustrating.

Poor effort by the team. That’s just horrible! It’s not just the 4 runs in the 9th.
Poor defense and poor attitudes. Overrated is what this bunch is!
Simple it’s ugly.

Poor attitudes? I don’t see that. I do see a team that needs to clean up errors and unforced mistakes. But they are ranked 8th and just a game back in the SEC, so I wouldn’t give up on them yet.

I’m not sure you can possibly know what their “attitudes” are

But the defense is decidedly poor.

Pretty much a stinker of a game by both teams tonight. Lost a lead we shouldn’t have and wound up winning a game we shouldn’t have

That’s why I don’t post doom and gloom. Team gives me headaches but they do scratch out a win. Errors need to cease however.

no bullpen or defense will destroy this team!already cost us 5 games!

How many unearned runs have the Razorbacks given up this year? Is it something like 35? We can’t continue to do this. Walks, errors and bonehead plays are killing us. Why are our opponents giving up so many fewer unearned runs? I don’t know the answer. However, I keep wondering about that beautiful indoor facility. While we practice in a climate controlled facility our opponents are forced to practice on uneven surfaces, in frigid temperatures and howling winds. Is there a story here? I don’t really know but I keep wondering.

I get the poor defense and the poor effort last night.

But what do you mean by poor attitude? Do you mean poor mentality?