Who gets canned in this staff?

Bets? Something has to change. Position coaches? Hargraves, Rob Smith? Something has to change. Bets. That defense looked splintered.

Just my opinion

Robb Smith
Vernon Hargreaves
Rory Segrest

Paul Rhodes shouldn’t be just yet, our corners did improve from last year despite an awful defense. I don’t think he should be praised though.

The other guys listed need to all go. Robb Smith honestly seems to have gotten lucky his first year. I know that’s abbot extreme to say but it’s reasonable to say after watching the last two seasons. He is just not a good D coordinator especially in a league as tough as the SEC. No ability to adapt or get pressure on the QB. Not to mention, correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe he plays a large role in coaching the safeties. The safeties we watched this year are without a doubt the worst pair I’ve seen in 20 years at Arkansas.
Rory did an awful job in my opinion considering the D line was supposed to be the strength. We had the worst D line I’ve seen in some time at Arkansas this season.
Hargreaves in my opinion it comes down to brooks being too slow. Which is obviously not his fault, but there was a lack of preparation with the younger guys. Not sure that the other linebackers were ever ready to be put in a game and it showed. The position needs more speed across the board, but also better coaching to not have such missed assignments. Saw so many plays where a rb came out of the backfield unattended to and sure enough a LBer would be trucking along behind him, showing it was his assignment more than likely.

We need recruiting Aces and coaches that can motivate the players.

Not overly impressed with O line coach but he shouldn’t get fired just yet, atleast one more season.

Coach Smith (wide receivers) needs a raise

you only make changes if things will improve. Have to think that if Charlie Partridge wants to return as a DL special teams/asst HC type you definitely add him for what he could add in recruiting.

Do you try the Trooper Taylor route? he was an ace recruiter for Tennessee okie st and auburn before landing at ASU.

Not sure he will let anyone go. Some may find a place to land.

Hargreaves is a name in Fla. I don’t see him being fired. It would make sense for Segrest to be moved, but it seems BB really likes him, so who knows.

I think the odds are very high that Smith finds another job, elsewhere. You just can’t stand pat when your defense was bad last year and historically bad this year.

Dear God. Trooper Taylor.

So everyone is happy on the “O” side of the ball. I am not, where are the scores in the second half, Adjustments?? I say that they are all up for review, not every coach can man up in the SEC WEST.

You can be both not satisfied with the offense and also not believe anybody needs firing on offense.

I would be one of those.

Dan Enos
Barry Lunney, Jr.
Reggie Mitchell
Kurt Anderson

Which of those do you believe need to be fired - taking into account it was the first year for both Mitchell and Anderson?


Now I get it on defense. You can’t stand pat there.

You make him that 10th coach with a title DB Coach/Recruiting Coordinator. You give Rhoads Co-Defensive Coordinator title.

No thanks.


Reggie Mitchell with Larry Porter (Louisiana/Texas Recruiting Punch)

Rory Seagrest with Charlie Patridge (Florida Recruiting Punch)

Robb Smith with Bob Disco (bad disposition demands 110%)

You mention Bob Diaco. Here is a link that talks about his defensive philosophy.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.onefootdown.com/2012/8/25/32 … se-defense”>http://www.onefootdown.com/2012/8/25/3267286/bob-diacos-3-4-no-crease-defense</LINK_TEXT>

Excellent insight thank you…

Defensively, my bet is on Robb Smith and Segrest. I think we’re fine offensively but they’re gonna have to get playmakers on the field. Like the other day Kody Walker had no business playing more than Whaley. I like Walker but this isn’t the time. He has to also find a role for TJ Hammonds, you can see the quickness but we refuse to put him in situations that he can excel.

I don’t see them refusing to put Hammonds in the games. I have seen him get some chances and flash but he also does things that keep him off the field.

Hammonds ball security has been very bad. He carries the ball way out away from his body.

And, the other day, they clearly had a wildcat package for him. They tried it and he had a procedure penalty on the first play that pushed them behind the chains.

I think he will get chances, but I don’t think they’ve refused to play him. He has some things he has to clean up and if he does he will be a weapon.

It’s hard to argue with the production they have gotten from the guys ahead of him.

Look for Hammonds to get plenty of chances next year in backfield and slot receiver, I don’t know how good Whaley’s hands are but if they are decent, I see Enos throwing in some wrinkles with Hammonds and Whaley both on the field at times and either one switching from RB to slot as well to keep defenses wondering pass or run.

no thanks to Trooper Taylor? Many have complained about the “boy scouts” we have on staff. They want talent get it here. Trooper Taylor was that man for many years. I don’t know what was true or not but I will say he recruited Auburn and a lot of Tennessee back in the day.

since Larry Porter got canned at Memphis his stock as tanked. He went to Arizona St. and was at Texas and got canned there. he will probably follow Charlie strong to South florida.

Bob Diaco is an odd personality. I think he may still wanna HC so it may be hard for him to go back to DC.

he wont recruit but damn can Dick Bumpas coach Defense. also the DC over at Oklahoma St. can coach well. Both could be starting points.

Ya. No thanks to Trooper Taylor.

I prefer the assistant coaches to have an actual position they can coach rather than Towel Waiving 101–particularly if they are way up on the list of coaches the NCAA has been and is watching.

Boy Scouts? Cmon. Because they haven’t been sanctioned by the NCAA and suspended by the SEC like Taylor?

He’s damaged goods. Otherwise, if Taylor was so amazing he wouldn’t have been completely out of football in 2013 before being at football powerhouse Arkansas State the last 3 years.

This is what you want to bring to the Hill?

https://www.google.com/amp/www.al.com/a … ent=safari

Wildcat isn’t enough. The kid should’ve been on KR/PR and also playing some slot. To win in this league you have to get the ball in your playmakers hands. Give the kid a chance to screw up that’s the only way he will learn from it. He can’t correct mistakes sitting on the sideline.

Every time I see him carry the ball like a loaf of break I cringe. Turnovers are devastating, especially in the kicking game. Nothing can flip momentum faster than a fumbled punt or kickoff except maybe a pick 6.

The discussion concerning Hammonds makes me scratch my head. Most mention his fumbling caused by how he carries the ball. He has been on the hill for almost a year (think he enrolled last spring)…have the coaches not taught him anything? It’s all about coaching.