Who ends up being the first hog hoops commit

Alright boys put on those prediction hats. Who ends up being the first HS/prep kid to commit to Muss and staff? Can be from any class ‘20, ‘21, ‘22.

I’m gonna stay conservative and say KK Robinson.

I believe you’ll be correct. Used to think it would be Jaylin Williams, but I’m not so sure anymore. Despite what some on here believe.

I think young Mr. Robinson is a good guess, but I also would watch Jaylin Williams.

I really hope you’re correct on this one.

Isaiah Adams 6’5 SF out of FL (2020 class) released his Top 5 today. We were in it

There have been so many names listed, players visited and offers made that I am having a hard time putting it all together and keeping up.

I know this is a broad answer but I am going to say one of the Arkansas kids or one of the Oklahoma kids. Sorry, best I can do but at least I narrowed it down to 2 states… :lol:

Another way to ask the question. Who do we have a better than 70% to 75% shot at? I have a hard time getting a handle on that.

My thinking:

In that order -

Per Dudley:

You probably have this right. I thought Rondel Walker would be on the list too.

You can throw him in there as well.

I looked yesterday in regards to the 2020 prospects listed in the prospect threads. There are several who have committed and several more who have released a Top 5-10 and we aren’t listed. I was just scrolling through ESPN and saw another kid that committed on the list as well. On Rondel’s ESPN profile it doesn’t have us listed. They updated his profile on Jul 19. Not sure when he was here.

Edit: He visited after that, so don’t know. Dudley or RD may have better judgement on him.