Who else gets this during the winter?

We have snow on the ground and a low of 23 tonight, yep I get it alright. But tomorrow is opening day of quail/ pheasant season so it’s all good. WPS

Has not been above freezing since Sat night. 8 in snow on ground. Was 0 last night. Still Oct!

We got 3 inches last night buts it’s melting now, but not near as cold as you, but it’s that time of year. WPS

JWright and I did our annual leaf-looking trip today. (AZHawg was supposed to go with us, but the tree guys were due at his house on Beaver lake to clean up after the tornado.) We drove across the bridge on Beaver lake, through War Eagle, and then down the Pig Trail to Oark. At one point, there was a dusting of snow on both sides of the road. The leaves were pretty on the road between the Pig Trail and Oark. But the vistas along the way were not showing much (if any) color.

I got home to a chilly house (60°), but the repairman got me fixed up.

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Day started out at 60 above here. Now it’s in the 20’s with flurries and a 40 mph sustained wind.