Who else finds the Green Bay / Aaron Rogers breaking news ironic?

Frankly, he is not the coach or personnel director. Of course they should know what he wants but they are the ones to make the decisions, not the players.

Except he is the one who decides whether to retire, hold out, not sign a new contract, etc. After watching Brady go to Tampa and take them to the Super Bowl, is there any doubt that he has options if they decide he needs to be a mushroom and they think he needs to shut up while they dump on him.

Rodgers would have to return millions of dollars to Green Bay, if he retires, as part of his signing bonus. Is Rodgers a spoiled, rich whiny baby? Yea, sort of. He doesn’t own or manage the franchise. He needs to do what the employer says he needs to do…play quarterback for the team to the best of his ability.

I do see his Rodgers side of the deal. He has played hard for Green Bay and done a great job as one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL, playing as a Packer while living in Wisconsin in the frozen tundra. He feels like he has paid his dues as a Packer and wants to move on. You don’t always get what you want, said Mick Jagger.

Would you want to stay with a company that did not give you the resources you needed to do your job?

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Green Bay has been a well run franchise. They have a good football team just about every year. Rodgers has had a great career. He is one of my favorite players, but he is just a player, not the franchise. The team and the executives who run the team have the final say, as they should. It would not surprise me if the Packers and Rodgers worked out their differences or if Rodgers decided to retire. If I am Green Bay, I would force his hand to play in Green Bay or just retire.

Rodgers needs to remind himself where & when he was drafted and that situation. Deja-Vu?

There are more than a few people on this board who will NEVER be on the side of the athlete in any dispute, whether the other side is a pro team, college or whatever. Gee wonder why that is?

I can understand why anyone would prefer Florida weather over Wisconsin. Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina also puts the blizzard cold of GB to shame. Just show him the money and let the sunshine in.

Wasn’t Rodgers offer from Packers enough to make him highest paid pro football player? If so kind of hard to side with him if he turned it down.

Inmates should not try to run the asylum. I am a fan of teams. Players come and go. Rodgers divorced his family so not my favorite guy. I would like to see his hand forced and see if he folds.

His family divorced him because he no longer adheres to their religious beliefs.

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