Who else finds the Green Bay / Aaron Rogers breaking news ironic?

If you hadn’t heard, the breaking news is Aaron Rogers wants out of Green Bay and some are saying he was not happy with the fact they drafted a QB last year instead of getting him more tools to work with in weak areas.

How ironic. I remember back in the day when Brett Farve was the man in Green Bay and they drafted Aaron Rogers. Who then sat a year or two behind Brett. If I remember right, that caused a good bit of drama as well.

Seems the situation has come full circle. Aaron is now in the place Brett Farve was in and has a new guy sitting behind him and doesn’t much like it.

Aaron may need to call up Brett and give him a big “I’m sorry, I understand now”


I think it is time Aaron retired anyway.

I don’t think that helped, but they don’t seem to want to get him any help at WR and they’re jacking around with his contract. Almost like they want him to want out.

What I heard was GB refused to extend Aaron’s contract, which is what he wanted. Instead they wanted to restructure it. When he said he would then want out, GB came back and said they would agree to extend it. Aaron said “no thanks”. Kind of like it is too late now,

From this, it has nothing to do with drafting a QB last year. Looks like he wanted to stay.

This is what I heard on LR FM 103.7 Out of Bounds show.

No way Aaron should retire. He is still one one the absolute best QBs in the League.


As a Dallas Cowboys, sure I wish he would retire.

But as a football fan, no way. He is still one of the best in the game.

In no way, is it time for him to retire


Please come to NOLA! The Saints have plenty of weapons now and a great HC!


That would certainly give Tom Brady something to think about. Both the Chiefs and the Rogers led Saints would be capable of winning the SuperBowl.

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As a Steelers fan, just keep him in the NFC.

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He won the MVP last year.

Aaron Rodgers is as good as any quarterback in the NFL. He is the league MVP for 2020. He is 37 which is a bit of an issue. He is getting married to an actress, so he probably wants to play nearer California. Green Bay is not an ideal place to live when your wife lives in L.A.

They will probably trade him, but probably not to an NFC team.

Would like to see Rodgers go to NOLA for the remainder of his football career.

However, he may have a new stint hosting Jeopardy where he can finally make good money, no salary cap, & no early retirement clause.

They say they’re not trading him. And I wouldn’t. They’re too close to the Super Bowl. He’s upset now, but throw some money at him and get some more receivers and he’ll calm down

Of course they are saying that. Let see how it plays out when Aaron says “no mas”.

I am not sure if that will be the decider for him. It is not like he is 25. He probably has 4 to 5 years left. They can be apart for a bit longer. I think if he leaves, it will make the best football decision for him, regardless of location.

Rodgers spends basically five months a year in GB, six if they go deep in the playoffs. His fiancee can come see him whenever she’s not working, and he could charter a private jet (or buy his own) to fly to see her on his day off even during the season. He already has a mansion in Malibu, so he doesn’t even have to buy a new place in Cali. Put it this way, Tom Brady was dating an actress, then married a supermodel, and was able to manage both those relationships while living/working in Boston. You can do that a lot more easily if you make stupid amounts of money.

What??!!! He literally just won the MVP award for 2020. Not time for him to retire.

He may have wanted to go play in California. He is from Chico and went to Cal. He was really upset when the 49ers did not draft him. He may have tried to pressure the Packers to trade him in the offseason and thought he would be dealt by this draft. If he wanted to leave the Packers, why not just let your contract expire rather than keep extending it. He and Russell Wilson may be frustrated because Tom Brady left New England and won a Super Bowl.

There’s not a more entertaining QB in the NFL than Rodgers. He makes some of the craziest throws.

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A lot of this seems to boil down to communication. AR feels the Packers aren’t keeping him in the loop. They didn’t tell him they were going to draft Jordan Love, or that they weren’t going to get him any help at wide receiver. More recently, they didn’t tell him they were going to kick a field goal if the third down play didn’t work against Tampa Bay in the NFC championship game. Rodgers played it as though he was going to get two chances. He didn’t.

I know the feeling of being left out of the loop. I’ve had more than one job where us underlings called ourselves the Mushrooms – they kept us in the dark and fed us manure. And I’m not an MVP level athlete. He is.