Who does TCU throw Tomorrow

It will be intersting but I bet they will hold the other LH Williamson who only threw about 4-5 innings against Cal for us,risky move for sure but I think they believe they can beat CC with someone other than him.

Sounded that way in his presser. He came in here trying to win this thing and had a good plan. LHers is the way to go after Arkansas. You have to gamble in this situation. CC could sure beat TCU. They certainly did not back down today.

Williamson threw 91 pitches so I would be surprised if we see him again. King who followed Williamson and threw 53 pitches looks to be their 3rd starter based on their stats. Should be interesting and just glad we took care of our business.

he is likely to throw junior RHP Jared Eissler (3-4, 1.56) in the first game against CCS and have redshirt junior RHP Jared Janczak (0-3, 5.71) ready for game two if the Horned Frogs get another shot at Arkansas

Happy to see right handed pitchers against us. Lefties have really been an issue lately

I didn’t know Willamson threw 91 pitches so it’s unlikely he would throw but would not be one surprised to see him start and try to give them 2-3 but reagardless he’s not close to the same caliber pitcher Lodolo is we have seen many LH that are as good as Willamson,doesn’t mean we would hit him well b/c we just don’t but He won’t be in long either way…The key is Wicklander having his control and not giving them the momentum

Four games in three days will wreck any staff and especially bad when the other team will be only playing their third.

That’s especially true since we only used two pitchers last night, with the closer only throwing about 20 pitches. We have our full array of pitchers for a third game. Only Connor & Isaiah completely out of the picture.

Wicklander having his command is the most important thing for the hogs. I would like to see Scroggins, Ramage and Kosty get an inning though! The hogs bullpen is rested!
I think TCU will have to worry about their first game and what ever they have left they’ll be stuck with.

It’s staff time for both CCS and TCU. Not any other way to say it.

I’ve been interested to hear Jim Schlossnagle talk openly about his pitching approach each game this weekend. Even before TCU played Cal, he said something along the lines that TCU is there to win the regional, not a game or two in the regional, and the way to do that is to save the best pitching for potentially playing the best team.

Exactly Matt why I really believe if they win they start the left hander Williamson and go with him as long as they can because he knows our struggles against left-handers.

We’ll see, but those were the words from his mouth last night.

Also DVH said Friday that Noland is available because he threw only 58 pitches.