Who do you want? Who will it be? 2 Hoops permanent opponents

Mizzou and Texas or Mizzou and UK

My guess:
Mizzou and LSU

My guess is Texas and Mizzou. I think Arkansas should push to play Texas as much as possible in every sport in Fayetteville. It is almost always a guarantee to sell tickets.


I figure Texas will get aTm and OU as their permanent opponent, leaving us in a lurch.

Perhaps the SEC would give us Mizzou and UK!

I’m not as concerned about that in hoops. If we keep Misery and LSU, that’s okay. Or they could give us OU.

I want 2 with The Squid. Every year.

I don’t care if I ever see his greasy azz again. Ever.

Unfortunately, we can’t get that lucky. I’d rather beat that azz twice a year (or 3) instead of once, and as long as Muss is here, we’ll have the horses to do it.

I actually like the idea of OU becoming the rival. Clips and Misery will be the two closest SEC schools to Nolan Richardson Drive. And if you live in Sebastian County like I did, there are plenty of Mobilehoma fans to encounter on a daily basis.

LSU and Missouri would be my pics

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I can think of about 6 teams I would want. As long as Chris Beard is at TX, I would not like to play them twice (or 3 times) every year. I believe, when all this comes about, the Hogs, KY, and TX will be a pretty clear top 3 in the SEC. We’ll probably get one of them a 2nd time in the SEC Tourney most years. This assumes Muss, Cal, and Beard are the head coaches.

I hate FL, so I’d like to beat them twice a year. I also hate Aub and Bama.

I guess my first choice would be FL and Auburn.

If we are looking at Geography, probably OU and MO or TX will be who they give us.

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I think Missouri is a given. I think the second team will be either Texas, Oklahoma, or LSU. I don’t see any way we would get matched up with anyone else.


As long as Muss is here, we can handle any of them. No, I did not say they will win them all, but will win more than their share. TX would be great. Always like to beat Ole piss. Probably get MO and somebody. Maybe OK.

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Beard is a good coach. Muss is better. I wish we could have a best of 7 series every year. Horns down.

Ole miss and lsu

Thinking it will be Mizzou & OK

Thinking Mississippi and Missouri. Hoping for OU and LSU

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