Who do you want to play in a bowl game?

I would love for Ark to play Penn St

I want to avoid Wisconsin

We could get Big Ten (Outback, Citrus, Nashville), ACC (Charlotte, Gator), or Orphan Eight (Houston, Memphis). That’s a lot of possibilities.

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I just want to win. Unfortunately, I do not know which teams would beat us and which teams we’d beat. I know we could lose to any of them or beat any of them, but if I could see into the future I’d pick an opponent who will lose to us.

So Jeff - who do you want to play ?

I like Penn St - I think Ark can win and the stays of beating Penn St has bank for the Razorbacks

But I guess playing a Fld St or a Big XIi (little Ten) team may be more valuable in recruiting

For me Penn St - Wisconsin I think we just get overpowered at the LOS

I hope we play in Outback or Gator. So, I’d prefer Michigan State or Iowa in Outback and Clemson in Gator.

Clemson is most preferred for me. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain playing them.


Doesn’t seem like we have had recent success against Big 10 in bowl games. Lost to WI, MI, and Ohio State in fairly recent games.

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A&M losing likely pushed us out of the Gator Bowl and into the Outback. If Bama pulls the upset next weekend it could jump us up to Citrus.

UGA wins:

A&M or Tenn-Gator

Bama wins and you shift everyone up a spot.

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Also lost to Tom Brady and Michigan in the ‘99 Citrus Bowl. That makes Hogs 0-4 lifetime in bowls against the Big 10.

But since we are 15-24-3 in bowls all time, we’ve lost plenty to other conferences too. (We’re 3-10-1 against the SEC, a record that can’t change unless we get to the playoff some day…… correction, 4-11-1 against the SEC, since Georgia Tech was an SEC member when we played them in ‘55 and ‘60):flushed:

But, we are 2-0 against Texas in bowls!!


Our bowl record has improved slightly over the last decade or so. Still pretty horrible overall, but we’ve won four of our last six bowls. I’d like to see that trend continue.


We were just awful in bowls from about 1978-1999. That’s where our record really got bad. It’s time we have a winning streak in bowls

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Outback, I don’t care who we play. I live an hour from the Tampa stadium!


My son is down there too. If we go to the Outback, we’re headed down to take him and his gf to the game.


Peach doesn’t have an SEC tie-in anymore now that it is part of the New Year’s 6. You instead have to be in the Top 12 (or maybe 14) to get an invite to one of those. So, Bama getting into CFP doesn’t automatically shift everyone up a spot. Kentucky wasn’t in Top 25 last week, so they won’t make it past Citrus. A&M was ahead of us, but will likely be below at next release. And we won’t jump from #25 into the picture.

I believe our ceiling is the Outback, with Gator being next if Bama somehow fell out of the Top 12 with an SEC Championship loss. However, I don’t believe that loss would drop them 9 spots.


I disagree in one aspect. Kentucky just barely crept into the top 25 this week and wasn’t in the CFP list last week. They are not going to climb into the CFP top 12 to make Peach. If Bama is in the playoffs, that does move OM into the Sugar but Kentucky doesn’t move up to Atlanta.

Beyond the NY6, the question is who does Sankey send where? The UK fans would scream bloody murder if he sent us to Orlando over them. But he might anyway.


Mark Schlabach at ESPN has had us in the Texas Bowl for weeks. Suddenly today he jumps us to Outback against Minny. I wouldn’t mind that. We owe Minny some payback for Nashville a few years back.


I want BlowU! their head coach abandoned them, they have decommits, and they are bringing in their most recent jackwagon of a HC to coach the bowl. we owe them pain, and we owe him, in particular, a beat down.

next choice would be Clemson, that’d be a fun matchup.

Outside of Penn state, none of the big 10 teams excite me.



OU will be in a NY6 bowl. Possibly Sugar if Okie Lite makes the playoffs, or one of the others if not. Unfortunately, we won’t be in the NY6. Maybe if we’d beaten OM, or maybe not. My guess is we’d be ranked about 15th if we’d won that game, which is still not NY6 territory.

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If Hogs get an Iowa team Bazzel can make a new trophy and stack all of the states in the Mississippi River Valley. Then, add Minnesota next year. It would be a tall trophy.


And weigh about 800 pounds.


Keep Brazzel away from the trophy room

I like the boot - it once was unique but the borderline trophy - but hey if we keep it long enough we could use them as bookends to hold up winning Ark vs Tex (spit) Scoreboards