Who Do You Think Would Be The Best?

I think he is a guy that is a year away, assuming this is not an outlier year and he can string together another strong season. Next year he could be the next Scott Frost or Mike Norvell.

Totally agree.

Just so you know when I put a coaches name out there with a group of guys that I think are possibly good quality guys that should be interviewed and vetted I’m not saying that he’s my #1 choice, but is worth a look.
I know many of you had probably not ever even had Seth Litrell on your radar, but look at who he is and where he’s from, player background, coaching stints thus far and then you will see why he’s a young guy that if not now and at Arkansas will be a Major D1 Head Coach soon.

I believe I meant to, but forgot to put Mike Bobo in that list of good young coaches that pass the resume test for most as well. He’s the Head Coach at Colorado State, whom I predicted that if kept Bielema era going would beat the Razorbacks on there home turf next season.

Hey man, I hadn’t thought of Littrel before you mentioned him. He has done a great job at North Texas. Bobo is an interesting name, I remember him from GA as a player but don’t know much about him as a coach. Another good name. Thanks!

I live in GA and they wanted him gone when he was UGA’s OC.


We will need to more than 28 ppg to win the SEC.

Fair enough, a few more won’t hurt :-). To the point, of the eight teams playing in Power 5 conference championships this week (Wis, OSU, GA, AUB, MIA, CLEM, TCU, OU), 7 of 8 are in the top 20 in fewest points allowed. The lone team outside the top twenty in scoring defense is OU with 25 ppg and they survive by scoring 45 a game.

Of those eight teams, only three are in the top 20 in points scored. The math (learned in Harrison High School) suggests that if you only give up 27 or less, you can every game if you score 28. i didn’t pay much attention in HS so … someone can check my math.

But yes, more than 28 would be nice.

Should there be any thought to Jeremy Pruit, DC at Ala, at Ga, at Fl State 2013 NC? He has a viable resume/cv. Just asking if Venables declines…

Okay… i never considered him before, but i am starting to lean on wanting kiffin. one, he recruits well. two, i think he has a chip on his shoulder to beat saban and prove he can win at a high level. three, his offenses are strong. four, if he can add texas recruiter and a strong dc, then we have recruiting ties from ca to fl and texas in the middle. five, he wouldnt take people talking smack about arkansas and that would give us all a sense of pride in our coach.

I like your thinking.