Who do you name Interim Coach?

I’d like to see Barry Lunney

There won’t be in Interim coach, IMO.

It doesn’t accomplish anything.

The season is over. Naming a temporary coach won’t change anything.

It would be nice to see them announce he is gone at the end of the year so we can officially start the search.

Dudley tweeted if they lost he would be fired


Yep, you don’t lose homecoming to a lesser team especially when you’re already on the hot seat.


It sure as hell won’t be Coach Paul Rhodes. Our D has more holes in it than a ship the Navy has sunk for a man made reef.

Ken Hatfield.

As I’ve said before, 2 failed head coaches as coordinators is a recipe for disaster. But that was Bielema’s choice. It is going to take him down, I think.

Certainly tweeted that and meant it, but he didn’t

I now doubt it happens until Missouri if then

If then?..

If we do not have a change or changes, The U of A is telling the contributors and season ticket holders that these results are acceptable. The fans, for the most part are embarrassed and indifferent. Good luck selling those season tickets next year. And the estimated actual butts in the seats attendance is estimated at 42,000.CA$$ching!


Dudley you would have been correct.
But I don’t think there will be a change after this season.
What I don’t understand is why the defense is so passive in the first 3 quaters and then all at once in the 4 quarter they call for pressure and gets those stops on those last 2 drives.
I really don’t know what to think. Where has our defense gone!

Maybe everyone except me understands, but what does “Certainly tweeted that and meant it, but he didn’t” mean?

Means he meant he was toast if he lost but he didn’t, so now it will be after Mizzou. He added “if then” but I just can’t see a scenario in which he stays.

Will not happen this year. Dudley thought it would happen if we lost today and Dudley knows his stuff. So that tells me there are changes on the horizon because beating CCarolina by 1 does not change the tide.

I’ll take that bet. He’s done.