Who do you like tonight? Jayhawks or Tarheels

I think Kansas is better team but NC has been playing real good ball since Sweet 16. Who will be the shooter with hot hand? Which team’s big guy will own the paint? Two teams to watch to see what it takes to get into final four and have real shot at winning. Vegas has Kansas 4-5 pt favorite with 153-154 line on total points scored.

I picked Kansas to win it all at the start of the tournament. I think Agbaji will have a good game tonight.

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I was impressed with Kansas second half against the Hurricanes and the first half against Nova. Do not think you can play much better than that but I have also seen them play like we did against NMS in game two. I cannot pick a winner as both teams struggle making free throws at times and in a game like this that is usually where it is decided. I did not follow Kansas closely in season but they are good.


I don’t like either one. Kansas winning would give us the possibility of a vacated championship. At this point, I would be very happy with that.

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I think Kansas wins tonight. Both teams are balanced but the UK AA will be the difference tonight.

Go Tar Heels!

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I think Kansas wins, but if I were going to bet the game, I’d take NC plus the 4 or 4.5 point spread. I expect it to be a close game.

I think Kansas will win… they had a much easier game and they don’t have to come off such an emotional high that North Carolina will have to come off of.

Kansas….then vacated. Mud on the face of the impotent NCAA and Kansas.


Now let me think?

What cheating team (program) do I want to win??

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UNC should be somewhat drained after that hard fought emotional win over their hated rival Duke.

I am going with UNC to win it all though. 8 seed that is on a roll and the Tar Heel fans will be rolling down Bourbon street later tonight.

Rooting for Kansas tonight for the sole reason of Mark Emmert having to hand the trophy to Self and Kansas knowing they are in the midst of a massive cheating scandal and he will have to be nice and congratulatory to them on the national stage. It will serve the NCAA right for dickin’ around for so long and not taking care of business when someone is caught cheating.


Kansas - UNC played out of their minds against Duke, it won’t happen again tonight. I don’t really think that Kansas is as talented as Duke, but I think they win tonight

If that is the case, then most past championships should be vacated. KU has not done anything all the other bluebloods have done… Even the have nots like Auburn and LSU are dirty.

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Excellent point!

I’m curious why game is starting so late?? 830 CST.

Late starts help west coast viewers on a week night. And there are a lot of them.

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I would figure Kansas takes advantage of UNC emotional rollercoaster of playing late game Saturday. And UNC’s best player fighting an ankle injury.