Who do we want to win?

Leghumpers or Flopnecks?

Selective meteor strike is not an option. Unfortunately.

8-4 apiece or one at 9-3 and the other at 7-5. I think I’ll take leghumpers for 8-4. Lane has gotten so religious on his twitter that I would like to test his resolve.

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I go with State as well.

State for sure.

Moo U.

Trying to count the beer cans on the field.

Yeah they fine schools for storming the field, how about throwing beer cans?

The same folks that gave TN crap for doing it.

Always root against Ole Piss.


Rogers has not excelled tonight, his slow reactions leading to sacks and turnovers are putting a strong MSU defensive performance at risk.

After living 6 years in MS, I hope State never wins another game. Obnoxious fans who have never won anything until the CWS, yet act like they own the world. OM fans are realistic and wait for the next shoe to drop.

Humpers win. We can tie for third in the West tomorrow.

Always take State over olepiss. Good , solid people v folks who thanks there stuff does not stink. Never care for folks that think they are somehow better. I lived in MS too for a long, long, long 2 yrs.

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I’ll go with the meteor. I hate Ole Miss, so I will pull for the Cow college.


I wanted OM to lose more than I wanted MSU to lose.


I’d say that mirrored my feelings. Especially after the barrage of beer cans.

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Exactly what the flopnecks went ballistic over last year at TN. At least they refrained from mustard bottles. And they booed a State player that stayed down thinking he flopped. The flopper kings booing an alleged flopper. I thought that kinda summed up the flopneck fans.


Discussions about Ole Miss always make me remember what my dad always said, “I’d rather be whipped than have to drive across Mississippi”…

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I don’t take the actions of Ole Miss fans out on the entire state! There are some really great people in Mississippi!

Name two. (JK)