Who do we have a chance to sign early?

Insiders who signs early?

LB Bumper Pool- noon

QB Connor Noland- a.m.

CB Ladarrius Bishop

WR Mike Woods- 6:30 pm

DL Isaiah Nichols- 1:30

OL Silas Robinson- early am

OL Noah Gatlin said he’s not 100% if he’ll sign on Wednesday.

Ath Sean Michael Flanagan- 10:30 am, Down to Arkansas or OSU. Thinking he’s going to be a Cowboy.

DE Nick Fulwider- Arkansas or North Carolina, but feel very good about Arkansas.

Mincey, Fulenwider?

Any chance any kids that visited this weekend besides Woods and Ferrell?

I don’t understand why Sean would want to go to Oklahoma State

Added Fulwider. Waiting to hear back from Mincey.

Disappointed that an Ark kid would choose OK St with an Ark offer and needs all over the place.

He hasn’t yet. He could sign with Arkansas, but my gut is saying no right now.

we fans see razorback and we say and think that we would want to play for the Hogs regardless of the record, coach, etc. However, that is not the actual case. These young men deserve to go to the college that they want to attend and football is a job. It is not like they get to joke around and hang out at the fraternity house all of the time. Just like any job they better enjoy who they are working for AND see opportunity for advancement. I think Coach Morris is recruiting hard and doing his best. Gonna be interesting to see if he can bring in recruits that can help with the depth of our team.