Who comes back?

Of the Freshmen and transfers we have on the team, who do you think comes back next season? I assume Nick is gone. But does Trevon come back after the ACL? What about Black and Walsh? Graham? I believe both Black and Walsh should. They are not ready for the NBA. And with NIL money, could earn good money coming back instead of playing in empty gyms in the G League for a few years. Trevon should come back unless his knee is 100%. Don’t see an NBA GM taking a chance on a first or second round pick on a guy with a questionable knee. If some of the players come back and with the addition of some key portal guys and top 50 freshmen, this team could be very good.

Nick and Black…they gone. Council too, probably. Walsh and TB SHOULD come back, IMO, but who knows. The only one who can’t come back is Kamani. I sure hope Barry sticks it out, because I really believe he can help us…I sure thought he would get rotation minutes this year.

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Yeah Walsh definitely needs to come back TB hopefully will. I am surprised at Dunning is not getting a chance to show what he can do.Muss talk this summer how hard working he was and how attentive he was everything being said. I don’t know what’s going on to make him not get basically any chance but I hope he decides to stay with us but would not be one bit surprised if he doesn’t and I really couldn’t blame him if he does look elsewhere. We will be bringing in great players next year as well

I agree with that. I think Pinion and Devo will be back too. I do see Dunning and Ford as transfer candidates.I think Makhel Mitchell will use COVID year.

I don’t think everyone who wants to come back necessarily has an open invitation from muss. That remains to be seen who earns a spot on next years team.

Don’t see Ford or Dunning transferring. If Black leaves, Fords your point guard. Dunning has a lot of up side and a good attitude and work ethic and Muss seems to like both.

Can see Black. Not sure about Council. Has the talent to play in the NBA, but he can’t just vanish for 3-4 games at a stretch and get drafted. Hope He and Black do come back.

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I just don’t know about Walsh. He had a little stretch in the non-con schedule where he played brilliantly, displaying just how many things he can do at a pro-level. I think that he’s quite capable of doing the same thing late season against better competition, which would very likely push him into the draft.

Black is pressing too hard right now, both in ball handling and shooting, but he is way too talented to spend another year in college. He’s still doing a lot of high level stuff in the middle of his current offensive woes. If Nick Smith plays after February 1st that will make life a lot easier on Black, and he’ll shine even more consistently…

Brazille probably will have to come back and prove that knee is sound or at least getting better. There may not be enough time before the draft for him to work out enough to be a sure first rounder, and he likely would be much better off coming back as one of the main guys in 23-24, which might move him into the lottery.

Council probably takes his chances on going pro. I think he probably ends up doing really well in the G League either first or second year and ends up on an NBA roster. for a while, maybe a long while.

I think Pinion will be back, have to wait and see about Ford and Dunning. No clue on Devo.

You know he has signed Layden Blocker to take over PG spot next year. With Dunning, I will be surprised if Muss does not get 2 to 3 portal transfers with better potential than Dunning. Of course my assumption is that ford and Dunning want to play next year and in fact start. It is possible they are okay to wait another year to see what happens. We will see.

Always better to have two point guards than one. Just don’t see Dunning leaving after one year. Yeah, you cann get good players then Dunning is right now, but I believe Muss will give him another year to prove himself. Ford also. Both have not played enough to determine if they are busts or not.

AB is projected as a top-10 pick, if that stays true, he needs to go. Not that I don’t want him back but 2 Hogs going top 10 will garner a lot of positive press and momentum for Muss and the Razorbacks.

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You are looking at it from the coach’s perspective. I am looking at it from the player’s perspective on what I would do if I wanted to start and play a lot.

Why do you think Chance Moore left?

Walsh is becoming a very good defender. Really need those guys on your team. I believe with more practice and experience his offense will come around. Devo is a mystery. Can see him returning or leaving.

We are making the assumption that Blocker will be ready day one. Also, that Black leaving is a done deal. If Black returns, I can see Ford transferring. See all the posts saying Walsh is a bust? Some saying Walsh is the most overhyped 5 Star ever. Ridiculous. He needs more time to develop. So does Ford and Dunning.

I think Muss may have a bit of a quandary next season. I’d think he would like to have Mahki back, who actually could have 2 years eligibility left, but without Mahkel. If so, that may mean they would both transfer to another school that wanted both.

Also, if Mahki thought he could get a NBA free agent, G-League, or overseas contract, he might go off on his own. Then, Muss might want Mahkel back for next year as a 2nd back-up big. Much like Kamani this season. Remember we have Fall coming in and I’d expect he will start at center. If not immediately, probably early in the season.

Lots will depend on if TB is coming back. I’ve seen a couple mock NBA drafts who have him as a late first round 2024 NBA draft choice. If he comes back 100% healthy, he could move up to a lottery pick.

The NBA draft isn’t tomorrow and there 3 more month of basketball. Quite difficult to say who should or shouldn’t come back. I suspect a lot will have to do with who muss thinks he has PT for. I’m sure he has evaluated his talent and is recruiting to replace those leaving and those he tells to move on. I’m sure one way you recruit 5 stars is by telling them that guy at his spot won’t be here next year. What has he told Holland and Fall? Blocker?

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Spot on. I am sure there are maybe 5 or less schools where a 5 star may choose to go with an uncertainty about the starting spot. I don’t think Arkansas is there yet.

As it stands now NSJ & AB are gone. If Nick comes back in Feb & looks 100% his stock rises. AB already has NBA scouts drooling with his size ball handling & willingness to take it to the rack. Draft is based a lot on potential.
Walsh needs to come back but if he figures it out on offense & shines late this year who knows-again based on future potential that is there.
Council will go to I think, he has the ability to take over games, just needs to exert it more now with 2 of our best players out. AB has that same ability to.
To hard to guess on transfers just based on current PT minutes, not knowing how practices go & such. Would assume there will be 1 or 2 or more that we fans won’t like to see go. But we fans usually don’t have much inside info there either.

Not happening!

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Please not I said if. You don’t know 100% either.