Who catches the first bomb on Saturday?

Haselwood looks to score, very aggressively, EVERY catch. I can see him dusting a couple bears on the way to the end zone.


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I could fill hours telling the stories. I had one guy email me once that my game against Ole Miss helped him get through his divorce. My first year covering the team was 2005, so most of the players on the team had played with Matt and they all had a joke about it. Just last week I met some people walking out of the stadium who made a comment.

My favorite Matt Jones story was one that involved him. Ashley and I were on our honeymoon in Maui. I was wearing a shirt that had some reference to Fayetteville. We were walking past a couple and the guy leans over and says, “I like the shirt.” It was Matt and his wife. We had never met, but knew of each other. We went to dinner the next night and watched a Razorback basketball game, and I shared a lot of stories of mistaken identity.


Maybe Hornsby will catch the first bomb?


It’s also possible we just line up and pound the Bad Uni Bears and don’t have to throw deep at all. Which means A&M won’t have much on video to prepare for our deep game. They didn’t have much on tape last year either, and KJ went deep to Burks real fast.


Isn’t there another Matt Jones journalist in Tennessee I think, that’s on Finebaum occasionally?

He is from Kentucky.

That would be tres cool. But I’m going to go out on a limb and pick someone due a breakout–Ketron Jackson.

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I watched the highlight youtube for the UT Martin-MSU game. MSU only occasionally tried to play man, they really did not run a lot of heavy or sophisticated blitzing, and their DL in three and four man fronts did not put much heat on the passer… I am not entirely sure that their safeties are athletic enough to prevent long passes even if they keep a guy or two back, and the zone defense had some pretty big holes.

If are QBs throw with decent accuracy, there are going to be Hog receivers catching passes in space and forcing MSU to tackle one on one. Of course, there may also be a lot of room to run for our backs and QBs too. Size wise MSU only has one big, wide DT, and I don’t recall any of their LBs standing out, so matching up with our OL is going to be a problem.

I think it’s possible that Bobby P. could look at his defense and our offense and just decide to go all out pressure all the time, with the idea that one way or another he needs to keep his offense on the field as much as possible, and maybe they can generate enough lost yardage plays and turnovers to stay in the game. That might be a really hard strategy to execute against our offense, which is physical and patient with the running game, and perfectly willing to take what you give in the passing game.

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That’s who I think it’ll be. As much as we hate on BMFP, he is an offensive mastermind, and loves throwing. The weakest part of our D. Covering receivers. I think this will be the toughest test so far. FCS always gives everything they have when they play a Top Ten FBS opponent. Plus, we get ready to start the “hardest schedule in the country” next week. Classic “trap game.”

I think we run all over them and win, but they’ll score on us early with those deep passes.

UT Martin got burned repeatedly when they rushed three and dropped eight, their DL just was not good enough to get to the QB without bringing more guys.

The MSU QB was also very decisive on those plays, dropping straight back, setting his feet and throwing to his first read, usually into the middle of the field. That indicates that MSU knew what would be open against UT Martin’s zones. Based on how we played against South Carolina, I doubt he will have as easy of a time figuring out pressures and coverages on Saturday night.

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