Who are your Most and Least favorite posters on this board..................................

…excluding the moderators. Clay, Richard, Matt, Dudley, and the gang would top most lists. (I mean the good lists, not the bad list, of course.) Who do you always check out when they post since they are usually interesting and informative and whose posts do you avoid like the plague unless you want to get really depressed? Mine:

Most Favorite:

  1. Swine Fusion
  2. Wizard of Hogz
  3. Colorado Hog
  4. Boarbarian

Least Favorite:

  1. elmo
  2. elmo
  3. elmo
  4. elmo

I don’t avoid anybody that posts.

Are there some I disagree with most of the time? Yes

Are there some I’ve lost my cool with ( and them with me)? Yes

But, I really do like reading the diversity of opinions and the vigorous debate that sometimes ensues as a result of these diverse and often times passionate opinions. I hate “group think” and feel multiple viewpoints and personalities is a VERY good thing for a message board.

I get bored if I only read posts from folks who agree with me too. I enjoy disagreeing with folks whose opinions I usually respect who happen to be wrong :slight_smile: occasionally. I just get really irritated with anyone whose only apparent reason for being on this board is to tear part of the Razorback program down. Folks who care about the Razorbacks enough to want them to do better and who point out where that is sorely needed are the most interesting part of this board. I look forward to those posts. Trolls who just want to hurt the Razorbacks only deserve to be despised. JMVVVVVVHO.

If someone is not a Razorback fan and is truly trolling to cause negative responses/anger people then I agree with you.

Thank you, Hogmodo, but it should be noted that I AM a mod and should thus be excluded from your list.

I miss Seattlehog. I wish he’d come back.

I avoid anyone who routinely hits the “quote” button in a post instead of “post reply” at the bottom of the page. I don’t need to wade through all of the previous posts in a thread multiple times to get to a comment, particularly when working on the iPhone. Seems to be only a few that do it routinely.


Elmo is one of my favorites…he knows how to get under everyone’s skin resulting in awesome responses. The best tidbits I ever read from Dudley are either his T/F reports or responses to Elmo. Elmo, either intentionally or not, brings the best out of everyone.

Additionally, the Wizard always bring great articles for all of us to enjoy. Colorado and I see eye to eye in just about everything. Swine has great input, especially on stadiums. I just wish he would keep his social commentary to himself…including his slight jabs/insults. As previously stated, I enjoy the vast collection of input/ views from across the globe. Most especially the humor.


Thanks Guy I guess. Been meaning to call you for a long time. Get busy and then the time difference kicks in. Hope all is well out there. We will be back out in Feb. 2019.

While respecting your preference (and, no - I didn’t quote your previous comment just to be disagreeable), here is the other side of that coin.

When the post in question is NOT quoted, it is often very difficult/impossible to know who or what the poster is responding to. Often, people assume that it is a response to the OP when, in fact, it may be a reply to post #16; or, the post right above it - who knows? As an example, you might see a post that says “I agree, and I think we need to see more of it”. Well, if the thread has been a back-and-forth debate over some subject (pick one), it’s impossible to know whether the current post is supporting a “pro” post, or a “con” post.

For that reason, I almost always quote the post I’m replying to, so there is no misunderstanding. And I wish others would do the same - would avoid a slew of confusion. I do try, however, to only quote the part of the prior post relevant to my response - instead of quoting the entire thread.

Moreover, to your point about “not needing to wade through all of the previous posts in a thread”, that is another of my personal pet peeves. I loath it when someone makes a response to post #64 without having read the thread, in which the exact post/thoughts he makes have been made verbatim 3 or 4 times already. If it’s already been said, no need to say it again (unless it’s a poll, where you can tally your “me too” vote).

Again, that’s just me. I get that everyone sees these things differently

A lot of good information thus far. I hope this will help me be a better poster from now on. I really do appreciate having these boards to read. I have not lived in or near Razorback country for decades so this is the way that I try to learn and give support as best that I can.

All of you keep doing a great job. I just wish more would post.

My favorite poster is Gashog. He was greatly missed during his hiatus. His board name alone is classic but I appreciate his down to earth positive take on all things Hogs.

I also like youdaman. Many times I shake my head at his outbursts but he knows what he’s talking about more often than not. He has passion for the Hogs which I respect.

I’ve vowed to not comment on the poster I dislike. There is actually only one of those. Plus mom said if you don’t have anything good to say about anyone - keep your mouth shut.

I agree, and this thread is a classic example. If I just replied and said “I agree”, who was I agreeing with? The OP? I do get the reason for the preference (I don’t use my phone to read the board much, I do some).

I’m with you on Youdaman. I don’t always agree with him and he can be a bit negative, but his knowledge is spot on and you cannot deny his passion.

I miss Gashog as well. I hope he posts more in the future.

The funny thing is, the 3 or 4 posters I like best (not staff, but others) are ones that would assume I don’t like them. I don’t always agree with them, in fact have very much disagreed with them from time to time, but I respect their opinions a lot.

Neils Boar (best BB mind on the board)
The Notorius PIG (even though he can drive me a little batty at times)

Honorable mention Gashog.

I welcome dissenting opinions as long the poster isn’t condescending and he/she comes from a place of respect, along with facts/researched opinions.

I will keep the least favorite posters to myself. In the spirit of “if you don’t have something nice to say then keep it to yourself.”

I wouldn’t even begin to try to list the posters that I like to read most because I would inevitably exclude someone. I value all of the opinions on this board. I think there is something about the pay component that keeps the conversation level-headed and civil, for the most part. I know there are a lot of successful, intelligent people who post on this board and I like to read intelligent, well-informed opinions. We don’t have the quantity of posters as some message boards, but they don’t have quality of conversation that we have.

I don’t dislike any of the posters because you all help me provide the essentials for my family. It is something I have thought about quite a bit recently as medical bills rolled in for Jack and Ashley. I’m grateful for the continued support so many of you have shown our company. I mean that.

I don’t like posters who are condescending and there are some that always post that way. I don’t much like the posters that constantly complain about the same thing over and over. And those posters who feel like they have to get in the middle of every disagreement on the board. You know when you’re having a debate or disagreement with another poster and along comes someone who has a hero complex. And those posters who like to say whatever they want to say in a disrespectful fashion when you know good and well they wouldn’t have the stones to talk to someone that way in person. I don’t much like posters who think this board is a big d— contest all the time. No need to name names; they know who they are.

I like posters who bring valuable information to the board, even if it isn’t popular. I like posters who know enough (or is willing to learn enough) not to be like the knuckleheads that call in on the radio shows that just sound idiotic. For the most part I like our mods although there are definitely situations where one or two of them play favorites. Some people are allowed to post whatever they want or however they want over and over.

It’s a good board. I’m happy to be a part of it. We all aren’t going to agree but we all love the Razorbacks.

Thanks, Navy! I drive myself batty sometimes, too.


PJ Hawg
Bluegrass (before “Coach Bret” made him question his will to continue being a Hog fan).
Wiz (when he isn’t linking back to his old posts to let people know he was first)

I am sure I left out some. It’s funny. One time there was a thread like this and one of my favorite posters with whom I thought I agreed 90 % of the time mentioned me and how he didn’t really like my posts and often disagreed with me. So, you never know.


People who say the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and seem to have an agenda or just complain about everything. People who rip the coaches at every turn and go radio silent during any periods of success.

See also people who use double standards.

Actually I really do like almost all of the regular posters on this board, and for different reasons. Some are extremely knowledgeable in a particular sport. I’m in awe of about a half dozen basketball posters, and my fellow USM grad youdaman can break down football in general, and O-line play specifically, with the best of them. Most are just good folk that share my passion for all things Razorback. My goodness, I don’t even want to think about how many years I’ve been bantering with some you people. My youngest child is 17, and I think I’ve cyber known some of you longer than he has been alive. While we may get under each others skin from time to time, there is something special about celebrating the thrill of victory or wallowing in the agony of defeat with the HI board regulars. I’ve put maybe three people on my ignore list over the years, and don’t even remember their names, therefore I can’t name a least favorite. As for Elmo, well, since I’ve never taken him seriously, I’ll just say that he continues to tickle me.