who are these WR's?

I’m not familiar with MOrris, who led in receiving yards. I’ve read that he’s from “nearby Fayetteville” and that he’s from Helena.

Tobias Enlow rings a bell, but I can’t remember anything about him.

Is this part of the “playing the most senior guys first” plan, or did every returning WR on the roster have a sub-par week? I know it’s early and coaches are still getting to know folks, still experimenting with who plays best in what position or who can handle stress. I was just surprised not to hear that Jackson or “J-Red” or Stewart or Jones didn’t lead the WR’s. or the 2 juco’s form last year, Martin and the guy who played so well (my Sunday am brain is not recalling stuff very well lol).

Anyway, thanks everyone for the practice reports and videos, I just can’t get enough of this new staff!

“Do it again, and come on this field like you want to play!”-my favorite line from Murphys column today, I love that emotion, even in a spring practice!


Jackson and Cornelius are in no contact jerseys I believe.

Tobias Enlow is a walkon from NLR. He had a real good camp at Arkansas before his senior year and was definitely on the radar to get an offer and then a month later had an ACL injury. Great kid.

I take scrimmage stats with a grain of salt, especially this early in the season. So much of the scrimmage is situational and it is not always proportional, meaning the backups and walk-ons might have more opportunities to make plays and pad stats than the frontline players.

On Tyson Morris, he might have grown up in Helena, but he played high school football at Fayetteville. I saw several of his games there and he made a lot of plays for Taylor Powell, the quarterback who now is at Missouri.

Morris made two really solid plays yesterday in which he high-pointed his catch, came back to the ground and made a defender miss. On one of the plays, he had about 50 yards after the catch for a touchdown.

Enlow made a nice long catch on a good pass from Jack Lindsey against the backup defense. Jones made a good basket catch on a perfectly placed sideline throw from Ty Storey. I also thought Mike Woods looked good on his routes. Pettway made a nice catch that I remember.

A lot of the pass plays are not designed for receivers, but instead running backs and tight ends on screens. There were a lot of screen passes yesterday.

Morris is the son of former Hog basketball player Isaiah Butch Morris.

I’m sure I saw him play, but I can’t say at the time he stood out because I would’ve remembered him.

with his short socks. He and “Rosy” used to pound opposing teams.

very glad to hear that’s Morris’ dad


Tyson Morris had a great senior season for Fayetteville

He went to a small school in Oklahoma first before deciding to try his hand as a walk on at Arkansas.

His mom is a principal at one of the elementary schools here in Fayetteville

The receiver who impressed me the most Saturday was LaMichael Pettway. He didn’t have a ton of catches, but did do some nice things early when it was ones against ones. And, he was the best blocker of the bunch. That is what Chad Morris wanted to talk after the scrimmage. If Pettway’s learned to block, look out because he has the kind of body that can handle the size of SEC safeties. Pettway has always looked the best of all the WRs. He’s listed now at 6-2, 224. There has been a lot of talk about guys who have shed pounds. He’s added muscle.

Maybe the light is finally coming on for LaMichael. I would describe his play last year as negatively impacting games. New year, new staff. Hopefully better results.