Who are the good coaches who really want our job?

Who want to put together top assistants and build program back to where it needs to be?

Assuming market or better compensation for their experience and our expectations etc.

But beyond financials, who really wants our job for all the right reasons I wonder?

Mike Leach


Kiffin, Norvell, Fuente, Drinkwitz, or any good coach who wants to coach SEC & knows how to recruit.
Hopefully not Leach.

That’s a very good question and I imagine we will all find out once the regular season concludes and contacts start to leak out.

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Houston Nutt already confirmed he was contacted and is interested. I’ve heard more that Norvell is headed to FSU, but he isn’t happy with them because they didn’t offer him the job two years ago.

Nobody wants it. But they all like a good payday whether it works out or not. Plenty of blame to go around

Leach wants it.

Yea Leach does, it will surely be his biggest pay day to ride off in the sunset with in a few years win or lose. But a proven champion coach who has been at the pinnacle ie a Meyer, Stoops type Probably won’t touch it.

Of all the names I tend to think Leach really wants it. Not sure all of his reasons, or if for the right reasons.

Of all the names thrown out so far, Kiffin checks the boxes. Forget his past and look at the other entangles he brings-His dad, His connections, his recruiting, offensive football IQ, experience in the SEC, experience in the NFL, chip on his shoulder to prove himself, wanted the job before.

Does Kiffin really want the job I wonder. Is NW Arkansas where he wants to be for all the right reasons - building us back up?

I think a lot of great coaches out there.

But who really wants it.

I’m cool with Kiffin or Leach.

Just hopeful for someone who wants to be here.

Kiffin kind of slammed Fayetteville with the Boca comment, didn’t he?
How do we know Leach really wants the job?
What has he actually said?
Coaches who are looking for a big pay day are interested. Remember you don’t have to be successful at the U of A and you will still get paid real well.

Leach has wanted this job for a long now. He even stated in his book that he wanted to interview for the job when Nutt left for Ole Miss.

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That was awhile back, think its still true today?

Well there was a time when Kiffin, Leach, Norvell and I’m sure a handful of other good coaches may have wanted the job. But the program wasn’t in complete shambles then.
It’s not just getting the right HC, the right HC has to get the right Coord’s & assistants. How many of those (good ones) want to come here?

That is why you give them monetary incentive.

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Or you hire a head coach with a proven staff and let him bring them all with him, and then compensate them as well if not better than what they were.

I have a feeling that Kiffin will be looking to move closer to his kids (Southern Cal) some day soon. Maybe even take a lateral school (San Diego State, UNLV) to get there.

Understand the “getting closer to the kids part” but if you takes those jobs to be closer than as a coach who aspires top level success then you’ve thrown in the towel