Who are the best mid major head coaches?


Besides Gregg Marhsall?


Rick Stansbury just came into BWA and got a W

Nope. Only when hell freezes over.

Why? Is that our next step, go for another Stan Heath?

I agree with General. No Marshall! Ask Austin Reaves!

Why? Marhsall didn’t want him?

Neither did another coach around these parts

No Slick Rick Stansbury, either

Marshall was one of the ones that turned down Arkansas when the job was open last time.

Didn’t even want to discuss it.

He has a great coaching rep, but is not viewed as a good guy at all.

Mike Anderson and Bret Bielema are viewed as good guys. I’m okay if our next hire isn’t a choir boy.

I’ll take Nate Oats

Who was interested in the job last time?

Buzz Williams wasn’t.

Gregg Marshall wasn’t

Mike Anderson wasn’t sure at first because he had things going to so well at Missouri, but then decided to make the move.

It’s really sad, I think most all Hog fans had a good feeling about hiring Mike, but it just hasn’t worked out. He’s highly paid and 8 years in…there has to be someone that can come in and at least make it past first weekend of the tourney once every 4 years…::

Eric Musselman

Pitino has mended his marriage and I am sure the Fayetteville PD would keep the hoar house in check…

Mike has done a good job but we should be in the tournament every year

If they make a move and let MA go, I’d just ask Mark Few how much he wants and write the check.