Who Are Our Young DBs/Safeties Waiting?

I know there’s a reason they are not playing but who do we have waiting in the wings? Just curious how we fix the weakness we have in the back end of this defense. I guess we have to get lucky in the portal bc I’m not seeing 5 star safeties on our committee list.

Do we give a FR more practice reps and throw them in the fire? I’m guessing our coaches are evaluating all of this in practice and the young ones are not practicing well/not ready.

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We had two of last year’s starters transfer, our projected All SEC safety now out for the year, and another starter unable to play. We did pick up two transfers into the secondary in the portal so you could say that sort of replaced the ones we lost to the portal, but we are at least two starters lost in an area where we have not recruited that well, although that is gradually improving. We are getting SEC starter caliber play out of two walk-ons, Clark and Blair, so that is a boost. If Odom can get a little more push from the defensive line interior pass rush, he may can lay back and help the secondary more in the future. Sanders at Linebacker’s strength seems to be blitzing more than covering so he may scheme more for that too. The defensive ends are improving and it would be great if that continues.

They have high hopes for Khari Johnson, Jayden Johnson for sure.

Great corners are rare, good ones take time to make the grade.

Khari played okay when I noticed him. Jayden needs to remember how to tackle - he has been weak at that all season, maybe our weakest starter (as a result). Chavis and Clark both played well, I thought.

The coaches have had consistent praise for Keuan Parker, but don’t think he’s been in the rotation. Keep waiting for that pup to bite.

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