Who are our point guards next year?

It’s a shame our freshman continues to face a medical issue and wish him the best of course.

I believe we have a strong point guard coming in.

Are we on any juco’s I wonder?

Why would you want a JUCO point guard?
Transfer sat out this year Jalen Harris, and their are 2 coming in next years recruiting class. Joe from Fort Smith and Desi Sills from Jonesboro. By the way Desi Sills scored 32 point in a win for his high school team over West Memphis. I think the point guard position will be fine.

Jalen Harris, the transfer from New Mexico will probably play point quite a bit. He had 2.3 assists per game in his freshman year there. Not a big scorer his freshman year, did have 25 steals, So he will be the equivalent of a JC point guard, with the added benefit of already spending a year in the system.

Desi Sills gets better than two assists and two steals a game, but I think combo guard is probably a better way to describe him than a true point guard. Keyshawn Embry, probably more of a two guard, has good assist numbers as well. Jordan Phillips is 6-6 or 6-7, and certainly a scorer, but he averaged seven assists for game last summer in AAU. Isaiah Joe is a shooting guard who gets a few assists, not sure he’ll play any point. Any of those guys could play point at times in MA’s system.

The guard position will have depth!

Jalen Harris, Keyshawn Embery, Desi Sills, Isaiah Joe.

They won’t be signing a juco D-I point guard unless something unforseen happens.

Dudley, since we rely on your opinions, observations and likely first hand knowledge on many of these kids: is my optimism on what Desi could be for us realistic? I really have hopes that his tenacity, leadership and demonstrated history as a winner will allow him to be a valuable contributor, if not early, at least in reasonable time.

Thanks. I was not aware how good the situation was

I love Desi.

He’s an absolute winner that reminds me a lot of the type of player that Corey Beck.

That’s in regard to toughness, grit, making key plays on both offense and defense.

I do think Desi is more athletic, but then again Corey has a national title ring.

I know it’s a high standard, but do Joe or maybe Embery have a chance to do what Thurman did as a frosh and immediately replace a big chunk of scoring that left with a couple of the best scorers in school history?

When will we know on garland? How many years can we hold a scholarship position waiting on drs approval to play? If he is on medication and I’m sure he is, how long before that allievates the problem. Is surgery an option. He would be a great addition and really help at some point, but once again how long do you freeze a scholarship waiting. Can he receive a medical hardship and keep his scholarship for say next year, then be placed back on regular scholarship if he is cleared to play? Ive read where some think he will never be cleared. Sure hate to hear that. Also makes me wonder what dr cleared him to play high school ball.

Im guessing that he actually has HOCM and will always be a risk for sudden cardiac death with the usual physiology of basketball play. Rate and relaxation therapy go a long way, but never obviate sudden death risk. Just my educated guess, however is it worth it to be the next Hank Geathers?