Who are our biggest threats from the arc?


Joan and Noah. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Based on the foreign tour, the biggest threat is Nick Smith. He shot 9 of 23 during the exhibitions.

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Seriously, I would say Dunning, Brazile, and Walsh, after St. Nick, of course. Pinion too, if he gets minutes.

Players last week said Dunning was shooting the ball well in workouts. They’re counting on him, Nick, Walsh, Black, Brazile and Council. Brazile can be a big-time weapon beyond the arc if he speeds up his motion a touch and lifts his shooting pocket.


Just for kicks, projected 3pt attempts, makes and % (Top 8 only):

NSJ … 88 - 250 … 35.2%
RC4 … 32 - 100 … 32.0%
Braz … 26 - 75 … 34.7%
JWal … 25 - 75 … 33.3%
AB … 24 - 75 … 32.0%
Devo … 23 - 75 … 30.6%
BDun … 12 - 35 … 34.3%
JGra … 2 - 10 … 20.0%

Team … 232 - 695 … 33.4%


Probably not too far off. I’ve been to practice and I’d say Walsh is lower. Maybe 28% - 30%

Posters have listed four or five who can be threats from the three. I have a feeling these guys have to be wide open to make threes. In other words, there is not a Isaiah Joe or Mason Jones or Moses Moody type of shooter on this team. Or even JD Notae.

There maybe one exception. That is Nick. In high school he wasn’t that type of shooter, but he may have improved enough to move into that category.

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I will be shocked if NSJ takes consistent threes. I seen him take some, thought he was around a 35% shooter, but he can get by anyone. He shouldn’t be taking threes unless Muss just tells him to. Kid is a guy who is gonna score. Period. Forget threes.

Now, I wonder how many other guys are gonna shoot (and make) threes to open up the lane for him. That’s the question

Honestly, for Walsh, more like around 20%. He looks more of a Derek Hood type to me. Can score around rum but probably shouldn’t shoot a lot of 3s.

Bad take. Walsh is nothing like Hood unless you are talking about rebounds and athleticism. Jordan can do it all to stuff a box score. Yes, his handle is suspect, right now, but he can score at all three levels and facilitate. Derek could not.

So far all the talent, which is an amazing assembly of talent, we don’t have a few guys to consistently rely upon to shoot 3’s facing some D pressure?

We are gonna be running so much that it might not matter, but there are very capable shooters on this team.

We will be on Sports Center Top 10…a lot. Book it.

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So excited for the season. We are trying to find exhibition tickets for the Texas game down here in Austin. 14 year old son so excited to see our team.

But UT only letting season ticket holders buy them for a few weeks, and then if anything left over, they will sell to public for one day later in Oct.

There probably won’t be any left over. They want a hog slaughter…helps Beard in recruiting. Still can’t believe Muss agreed to this game. Sincerely hope we win, because you best believe, this game matters (whether it counts or not). Ron Holland will be there.

Athleticism, height, and physique was exactly what I was referencing in my comparison of Walsh to Hood. I realize Walsh has more offensive versatility in his offensive game than Hood and is a better passer. But Walsh isn’t a 3-level scorer sorry. His perimeter shot and ball handling are very suspect right now. I’m certain both will improve under Muss’ tutelage.

We don’t know for certain yet if there are any capable 3- pt shooters outside of Smith and Pinion on this team. I agree with all the quickness and length we probably won’t need to depend on shooting a bunch of 3s to win games. But Can Council, Dunning, Walsh, Black and Brazile knock down 3-pt shots with a defender’s hand in their face?We’ll see.

If Walsh is as one dimensional as Hood was, I will eat this phone. We will be fine. The only flaw in Jordan’s game is his handle…right now.

We will hit plenty of 3’s, but it won’t be the focus of our offense…because it doesn’t have to be.

This team will block shots, and run, and dunk…a lot.

Ballhandling, perimeter shooting, and finishing at the rim all need to improve.

And btw, nowhere did I say Walsh was as limited offensively as Hood. Hood was a dunker and that was about the extent of his offensive game. He would hit a 10-12 jump shot. Occasionally.

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That is exactly how Nick operated in high school every time I watched him. Arkansas high school competition was just too easy for him to get by the defense. Let’s see what happens in college competition as big guys clog those lanes.