Who are looking at for OC?

Great DC pick!
Where are we on OC?

Notre Dame’s former Offensive Coordinator Chip Long has been linked to the opening. (Not saying he’s the guy)

They averaged 37 ppg. #11 (431yds per game)

What does it mean that there has been no announcement of an OC when signing day is all but here? Makes me wonder what is going on behind closed doors? I read an article whereby the prediction on Long was that he was going to Alabama. Has Alabama lost their OC or are they thinking he will get a head job? Maybe Arkansas is waiting to see what happens at Bama? Rich Rodriguez is apparently involved in a sexual harassment law suit originating back from his time in Arizona. I am wondering if that would keep Arkansas from hiring him.

Steve Sarkisian is the OC at Bama and I haven’t see anything about him leaving. Long talked to Saban about a job back in January

What does it mean that there has been no announcement of an OC when signing day is all but here?

It may not mean a darn thing. SP needs to be focused more on recruiting for the next four or five days. Then once the signing period is over he can fill out his staff. His target may still be coaching at his current school; although Long and Rich Rod wouldn’t meet that description, Lashlee would.

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I wonder with CBO on our staff now, I wonder if he will plug Derrick Dooley for the OC job?

I would think that either Long , Rich Rod, or maybe Lashlee or could be someone we are unfamiliar with. Rich Rod made $900K at Ole Miss, Long don’t know but I read somewhere he donated his entire salary to a youth charity. I couldn’t find anything on Lashlee on his salary at SMU, but he did make $600K when he was the OC at Auburn. I don’t think any of those money wise would be difficult to get ! You know Lashlee would love to coach in SEC again.

Not to mention coming home.

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I wouldn’t mind Briles, Harrell, or Lashlee


We are starting to roll quiet nicely on the defensive front with Davis & Odom so we DEF don’t need to slack off with a lackluster OC. Get a good one with additional recruiting power!

Hard to know what is going on with the OC search but seems logical to assume the target is still coaching with a bowl bound team. If someone like Rodriguez was the guy then I think a deal would have been made by now. I would think that it sure would have helped with recruiting to have an offensive coordinator.

Bowl games usually don’t prevent a coordinator from moving to their new job.

Tenn, what’s wrong with Dudley? He’s been around the block, solid SEC experience, coached under Nolan…pretty salty resume. I think he’d be better than Craddock LOL


If they’re getting promoted to head coach, yeah. A lateral move, not so much

Being reported elsewhere Lashlee is probably not looking at Arkansas right now. Read that on 247. His decision not ours.

Holden your DD’s are wrong. I wasn’t referring to Dudley and NO, DEF NOT Craddock either. Excuse me for not being more clear in my statement.I had saw Dooley mentioned as a possibility and I felt somewhat obligated to respond. The Tennessee fans feel the same way about Derek Dooley as Arkansas fans feel about CM…that’s Chad Morris.Both coaches previously spoken about are in reference to their college football SEC coaching capabilities or lack of, at this point in time. Nothing more.

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Tenn, it was a joke, and obviously a bad one!


I’d like the see Lashlee on the hill but I’m not sure he is a good fit for the type of offense Pitt described that he’d like to run. Rich Rod or Long fit his description much better

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Major Applewhite is who we need. Long would be good, but he is a TE coach. Major is a very good QB coach.

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I thought Chip Long was the former Offensive Coordinator at Notre Dame that average nearly 40 ppg?