Whitt returns to home state

Jimmy Whitt will be back in action in his hone state after 4 years. Jimmy had his best game as a Razorback that year with 15 points on 7-11 midrange shooting as Arkansas bombed Missouri 94-61. Let’s hope for a repeat and a stress free game. This end of game drama every three to four days is not good for health.

Your right I remember that. We need him to get hit Saturday! He just had a bad game against Auburn.

Need good game for sure !!!

I hope he goes off for 30! Also it would be nice to see Chaney have a double double. Jones will get his points and play his tail off. Sills needs to avoid fouling out where he can stay in the game. Harris needs to Score.
We can’t afford to be putting Missouri on the free throw line they are solid at the charity stripe. That’s really the only way Missouri has a chance to win.

Might be hard to get a lot of points out of Whitt because of a back injury.

Need to get his back tightness/spasms in check first. Didn’t practice yesterday or today. Need him badly!

Jimmy sounded very positive in the interview I saw him in . Hope that’s good news for Sat

After listening to CEM press conference just a little while ago Whitt got an injection. That explains his bad game! The walking wounded.

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