Whitt is a Hog again

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He and his brother visited Arkansas yesterday. His brother Marcus was a GA for Muss during the Sweet 16 run.

Who isn’t going to be a Hog, aren’t we over even with Garland going medical?

Yep. Whitt makes 14. Somebody else has to go.

RD so we had him and Woolridge here at the same time? That’s interesting man. Especially when I’m guessing we are just taking one.

I’m pretty sure just visited for a day. It was an unofficial visit.

FWIW, I feel pretty confident they’re done. That said, I reserve the right to be corrected. lol.

very surprised at this one b/c he is a poor shooter 56% Ft and only 14% on 3’s :shock:

I think I see what Muss is doing. It’s about the 2020 class, which is loaded. We need to free up scholarships for that.

So we sign 3rd and 4th year transfers, who have one year to play. We let go some 1 and 2 year guys whom the coaches evidently have deemed expendable. Thus, slots opened up for 2020.

It’s cold, but Muss appears to be a man with a plan, on a fast track.

Poor man’s Iguodala or even better comparison Shaun Livingston. Big guard (huge wingspan) who can run the point and rebound (averaged 6 a game last year).

I’m not overly concerned. The kid can play…give him a chance.

Sounds like a back-up for Harris with those numbers.

I would be really surprised if Whitt is not being brought in to be the starting point guard. As an interesting side note, other than perhaps some office staff, every single member of the basketball program who was here during Whitt’s one year are all gone now. So even though he is the newest addition to the team, his connection to the program predates all of the other players and coaches.

Whitt can close around the hoop and can rebound well for a guard… he will play some minutes and it will be interesting to see how the guard minutes are shared.

Yep was glad he was gone, not excited he’s back! There is not a current player I would rather lose to have him, and I am no fan of Bailey.

Tell us how you really feel…lol…just joking but I’m a little surprised on both ends of this. On our end if you look at his stats you would think you would want to shy away. Teams already sag off of Harris because he can’t shoot. Now you have another player that will be playing the one or two that can’t shoot. I wonder if this is kind of a favor to his brother since he used to work for Muss.

On Jimmy’s part its really shocking to me. If I were him I would want to go somewhere that was totally new and where the fans didn’t already know my shortcomings…so to speak. I would guess that with our new staff that he thinks they can get him to the league. That may or may not be true. In today’s NBA if your a guard and you shoot 14% from the college three point line I just don’t see a place in the league for you. Unless you do something else that is just off the charts. I don’t see that from Jimmy but I really hope it works out for him. He seems like a good dude and he did choose us out of high school.

He isn’t good from 3, but he is good mid-range and going to the hole. He averaged 12 pts, 6 rbs and 4 assists (2 to 1 To ratio) in a good basketball conference (AAC).

I think to many people are fixated on the 1 area he doesn’t do well and not looking at the many things he does do well. The rebounding is going to be a big asset.

As a freshman with the Hogs, Jimmy shot 37.5% on 3s and 79% on free throws. It seems he’s developed some bad habits with his shot at SMU. Hopefully our new staff can see and correct whatever bad habits he sustained at SMU.

Whitt was a solid 4-star, top 70 recruit, and hopefully, CEM can bring out that basketball talent in his last year of college ball.

At the very least, I believe Jimmy will make the Hogs a better team this season. With our glut of guards though, I wish he was 6’9" instead of 6’4". It will be interesting how this all falls out with our current number of guards.

I do admire those that are complaining, for being consistent under different coaching regimes. They had not liked Whitt for his technical flaws and did not like recruiting players that cannot shoot. Wanted physical bigs added to the 2019 class. These posters have held firm in their views and are not caught up in the coaching honeymoon. You have to respect that.

Whitt will be one of our better players, start, and play about 30 minutes a game. He is an upgrade. When you get an upgrade I’m not sure why some are upset.

12 pts, 6 rebs, 4 asst. I will take him! ghg