White unis

Been hearing Rumors about Hogs wearing all white Sat anybody else hearing anything?

Smart for this weather.

Think bottled water will be READILY available at the game? ha!

Figure powers to be will get smart and have plenty of water available?

After the TCU fiasco last year they better have cold water easily available. I’m still not over that mess. Horrible…

The rumors stem from Arkansas promoting the game using its white helmet. I don’t know what uniform the team will wear.

White at home? How gaudy and uncouth. Why it’s positively LSU ish. A major fashion faux pas I say. Like wearing cordoroy after April.

Great, I like it!

Those white helmets are lame…they look like the Texas Longhorn helmet. They need a large red stripe down the middle like the Tennessee orange stripe, I think. We have never worn white at home in my lifetime…no reason to do so.

Let’s start focusing on winning and recruiting above all else rather than whatever “tradition” re: uniforms some think we have (really, there is none). Let the coaches decide what uniforms to wear and whether it helps recruiting or provides a benefit in 90 degree weather. They are the experts, we are not. Their jobs are dependent upon winning, ours are not.

Also, we need to root for the players wearing the uniforms, not the uniforms themselves. If the players are lackluster, then the color of uniform doesn’t help any. The best tradition is borne of winning, not of some uniform color or style. I could give two flips about red or white helmets or jerseys – and I’ve been attending Hog games since about 1973.

Well said. We tend to find anything and everything to gripe about. Why does this matter? Quite frankly, it doesn’t.

Not well said. We are all entitled to our opinions and expressing them does not make us a griper less of a fan or less of a man. My main focus will of course be on the game and I will be rooting for the Razorback players and coaches regardless of what we are wearing. I do not have to like white unis at home however, just as posters do not have to not like them. We all have our preferences and need not be shy in stating them. It has been said of gashog that we could wear uniforms the color of turds and he would like them. I think that’s hilarious and if he did like them and said so, I would have no problem with him doing so. I do not expect anyone to have the same opinion that I do on anything. It would be nice however, if we could respect each other’s right to state our opinions.

Makes a ton of sense on a sunny, hot day. Put on a red shirt and go out in the sun. then put on a white one. It will take about 15 sec to tell the difference.

I know that black jerseys are the hottest. I’m guessing then dark blue and the hated anthracite. Who gets to determine which team will wear white? if I was Kim Dameron and I had any say so, I would not give up one of the few advantages that I would have on Saturday.

White for CM’s first at home…I seriously DOUBT it! :sunglasses:

Up to home team

Any time the white helmets have come up (and they have, regularly, for the past several off-seasons), I always refer to them as [color=#BF8000]“Texas wannabe”[/color] helmets. That’s exactly what I think of them.

That said, I’ve become resigned to the fact that enough of the kids like them that we’re going to wear them maybe once or twice a season. Given a choice, I MUCH prefer them to anything anthracite. But if I were given one wish with regard to our football uniforms (of course, I never will be), it would be that our helmets would ALWAYS be red with a red “classic” white razorback on the sides. That should be the one thing that never changes (If we use red chrome for “special” games, kind of like Notre Dame does every few years for their green jerseys, that would be OK - after all, it would still be red!).

Just my personal opinion. Not meant or expected to convert others.

If it’s not a Red helmet with a white Razorback on it, I’m not a fan of it. I don’t budge on that.

It’s football. It doesn’t matter, either, but we all think it’s important enough to talk about, too.

Confirmed and I like it. We are team with depth issues at several positions playing on a day it will be very hot. Couple that with a long road trip/game at high altitude and you want to do everything you can as a coach to give yourself an advantage even if it’s a small one.

I’m a big, big fan of the all white.

As is most of the younger group, but most importantly, recruits.

At the end of a winning game, I rarely bitch about any of the colors being worn by the Hogs. Before the game, I might be a little more decisive about my preferences.