White Out or Red Out?

Why do we have “White Outs” instead of “Red Outs” at home basketball games. White outs make more sense for football since we are wearing red jerseys but in basketball our home uni’s are white so when you’re going a hundred miles an hour on a fast break and all you see is white that could be advantageous to the visiting team in a colored uniform. I doubt it makes much difference in 90% of the game but there are quick passes, fast breaks, etc. where it could cost us a turnover at an inopportune time.

The student section should all dress as FBI agents. It might make Pearl sweat a little, but I doubt it.


Totally agree it should be “RED OUTS” and not White outs. Lame.

In BWA all the seats are red, so red shirts are camouflaged. White shows up much better on TV

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True for television but in the arena it seems to put the Hogs (or any other home team that wears white jerseys) at a disadvantage. Reaction times are so quick at this level and with a teammate in a white jersey blended into a sea of white behind him it could lead to a quick turnover. Hopefully not.

The players aren’t going to notice what the fans are wearing – white, red or purple. It’s purely for hype.

And if there’s hype, Muss is not far away.


Here’s James Franklin’s answer to someone asking about the white out and Penn State’s blue jerseys

First of all, part of the White Out is the contrast. It helps us if everybody else is in white, it makes our players stand out on the field for our quarterback and those types of things. That’s the first thing.

The reporter summed it up: So while it seems like a fun idea to have the Penn State players blend into the background of a White Out event, there are actually rules somewhat preventing that. And as Franklin said, there are competitive advantages to wearing blue tops as it helps the quarterback easily locate his receivers.

I love that guy.

I can see that for football, somewhat, but basketball is different. Aubie’s blue or orange jerseys will stand out clearly against either red or white background, which is the main thing to avoid.

Here’s a whiteout at a Sparty game.

I would guess from this photo that, as we discussed in another thread, Sparty students are down on the floor (I think they call it the Izzone). And this map confirms it.




Can anyone make out the name on those socks? Or seen them for sell anywhere?

Hey, Bill. I don’t think anything the staff wears is available for sale. I could be wrong, but that was the case when I was there. Go Hogs!

Thanks buddy, I sent those tweets to my daughter, getting them fired up in Texas and she’s like I love and need those socks. Haha saw they had a brand name just can’t make it out

Sure she can find something similar. Wish I had gone into socks instead of cars, lol. That’s where the real money is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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