White helmets today?

SEC Nation has the white helmet on their set and talked about “best helmet”

Anybody heard if we are wearing the white?

Apparently we are. I have heard that in other places this week.

I hope we break out the chrome for Bama.


I have a very old bad feeling that emerges when we pull out those while helmets…I visualize vestiges of Lamar Mchan trying to eke out a win when playing those teams from Texas back in the early fifties Those white helmets and matching white jerseys with a cardinal red stripe from neck to wrist still give me a fright. At least today’s version of the helmet has a red running razorback Maybe the white will help our CBs stay with their receivers.

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I like the white helmets because it makes the Hog be red

Tradition…I don’t like anything but the Cardinal helmet, I really dislike the chrome helmet


We beat Texas three straight years in the 50s, Tom.

You probably don’t wolf yell at WPS call, do you?


if we re going throwback with the white helmet, at least put a red stripe on the helmet like the old days.

Take those white helmets out back, put em in a pile and burn them. We look like Texas in those things.

Butt ugly.



We all got em

Just win.

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Not a fan, but at least we are not wearing anthracite uniforms.

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Arkansas is in all white today, helmet included. I personally like the white road jerseys most. The red really pops.

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has anyone done research since we reintroduced the white helmets?if we have a losing record in them(and forget the Chad Morris years…we lost against everyone no matter the helmet color)then do away with them…yes they look nice but they are not our helmet…dont see Alabama or Texass using alternate helmets

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Ed Price’s teams…some of their worst, even Otis Douglas’ white helmeted '51 team was a glutton at his trough. An interesting point to add, while the constant was Price’s worst record in Texas football history, the Razorbacks were coached by three different coaches (Douglas, Wyatt, and Mitchell) during his tenure. The game I recall most vividly was the 1952 blowout by Texas 44-7 which was the beginning of the end for Douglas, Bowden Wyatt retired the white helmets the following year splitting with Texas in his two years.

I don’t know the exact record, but it is a losing one, and by a good bit.

Of course our SEC record in red helmets since 1992 is also a losing record …. and by a good bit.

I almost added that to my post.

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