White cleats

Are back for the hogs.

Can I say thank god!

The kids have wanted them for years, but never got them.
Glad we are listening to the players, and using our eyes, because they certainly look better. Look good, feel good, play good!

I like the whites a lot better. They have red on them to so they go better with the uniform.

Will the uniform purists get on board if the red chrome helmets worn in the Liberty Bowl become our “standard” home helmet? I think they look fantastic and so much better than the matte helmet worn of late.

Like Chad has said, it’s what the kids like. That’s who he needs to try and please!

If they like it, I like it!

Personally I also like the chrome, really liked the Cowboys flavor.

I like the white shoes, too. The red matte helmets are the wrong color of red, and ugly. The chrome helmets are good looking but will get dated at some point. I even like white helmets with certain uniform combinations. Just please get us back to cardinal red, our traditional color. Lose the almost maroon red we have been using of late!

White helmet red Hog or red chrome
White jersey
Red pants
White cleats

Standard road uni…please!

I LOVED the red chrome helmets. I also LOVE pecan pie with whipped cream on top.

But I don’t think either are best “consumed” on a daily basis. Save them for “special” occasions. In football terms, maybe a game in late October or November that is significant in terms of the SEC race or taking down a top ranked team; or, maybe, a Bowl game. Kind of like Notre Dame has done historically with their green jerseys.

I think the chrome lids have some “swag”, but how much swag does a 4 win team have? Let’s break them out when we have good teams playing meaningful games.

Just my opinion.

I like the chrome helmets. Don’t care how often we wear them. What I’d prefer not to see is the anthracite helmets at night time, or at least change the hog on the helmet to a red hog. Did not show up well during night games last year. Don’t mind the anthracite; just not the helmets at night.

What’s wrong with a daily dose of pecan pie? :slight_smile:

You make a good point!

My comment was intended to be more in the context of eating dessert in place of the main course (on a regular basis).

I was not a fan of the chrome domes. I also did not care for the Cowboy flavor to the uniforms. Both can be one time deals as far as I’m concerned.