While you were sleeping

Albert Pujols hit #699 and #700 last night in Los Angeles.

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The most amazing thing about that video…the roar of the Dodger crowd! Obviously would have been louder in Busch but the Dodger fans impressed me.

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I am so proud for Albert! He is just a class act, incredible baseball player but more importantly he’s an incredible person. Much respect for Albert!!

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Pujols was a Dodger last year, remember.

Bizarre Albert stat: He has 500 homers against righties, exactly, and 200 against lefties.

Very happy for Pujols, and the Cardinals.

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WOW, I was awake but all Dodger games here are blacked out unless you want to pay. Funny that the St Louis paper had an article that there was no television except subscription for the game and people would miss it if Pujols hit two for the milestone. And then he hits two. Good job MLB!

it was on apple plus tv, which I had to watch on my phone. Multi HR game again at 42. Lots and lots of accolades from forever back. I am sure he is thrilled to do it as a Cardinal and not an Angel or Dodger. Both were no doubters, now does Albert get some rest when the Cards clinch the division? was for sure going to play every game to get to 700 and now he has so what is the point except to keep his swing fine tuned as it now is.

Found this little jewel, Albert’s 1st time back to Busch after he had signed with the Angels.

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